The Theif who stole my heart

I ran into my room and closed the door. I walked over to my bed and sat down. How could he do this to me? I thought we had something but we obviously don't if he can keep such i big secret from me. I don't get it. I felt my phone vibrate. I looked down at it to see Harry calling me.Then i heard a knock on my door. I hung up the call and walked over to my door. I opened the door to see harry there. I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him into my room. He then shut the door behind him. "Grace.." "Harry you need to leave ok. If my dad saw you he would kill you. Plus your 'big secret' is out. He knows what you've done. And i don't want to be around you." He looked upset and ran his fingers through his hair. "Grace i don't care if your dad see's me here. I want to be with you." "Harry your a criminal, my dads a cop. Things like that don't get along to well. Now leave." As i opened the door their standing on the other side of the door was my dad.


2. Locker Buddys

*****Graces pov*****

"The next one to get their locker is.. Grace Foster." I got up from my chair and looked at Harry. "Nice to meet you." He gave me a cute little smile and said "I hope i see you around more. I would love to see that pretty face again." I blushed and walked towards the teachers desk. He scribbled on a peice of paper then handed the peice of paper to me. "Hi Grace. I am Mr.Lockwood. I will be your teacher for the rest of the year. On this piece of paper is your locker number and your Locker combonation." "Thanks Mr.Lockwood." I then walked out of the classroom to see other students at their lockers as well. As i walked down the hallway i looked at the lockers which had a number on it. It took me a while to find mine but i finely found it. Locker number 17. The best part was that Nialls locker was 5 lockers away from mine and Avery's was 3 lockers away. I started to play around with the nob of my locker. I had tried this combonation like 6 times and still couldn't get it. I got so fustrated that i slammed my hand againest the locker. Then only holding my hand in pain. "Need some help?" I looked behind me to see harry standing againest the wall with his arms crossed. "Umm i guess?" He walked over and turned the nob three times to theleft then one time to the right, Then to the left again after turning it to the right one more time. (That was probably confusing. For you guys. Sorry!) He hit the locker door and then the door flew open. I looked at him in shock. "Thank you?" "No problem love." I started to blush. Then i started decorating my locker.I got on my knee's and started taking everything out of my bag. Then some idiot decided to slam his bag on the floor and made me jump. I got up in anger and was just about to yell at the guy when i noticed that the idiot was Harry. He was turning the nob left and right. "Umm what are you doing?" I noticed that he got scared and jumped when i said that. He looked at me with a smile. "This iis locker number 18 right?" He said as he looked around the hallway. "Yes..." He then went back to playing with the nob before saying "Good then this should be my locker." I looked at him in shock. The richest and Athletic kid in school is locker buddy's with me. In the inside i was jumping every where and throughing myself on the ground but on the outside i was like 'cool'. "I'll be right back." I said to Harry before walked over to Avery's locker all calm. But once i got there i couldn't help myself. I started jumping up and down like a crazy person. I even did my Super happy dance in the middle of the hall way. (Which made me look even more like a crazy person.) Avery caught one glimpse of me and then started laughing her butt off. "Wow i have never seen you so excited. Well i have but this time you don't have somebody in a head lock." I stopped acting crazy and looked at her with a serious face. "Listen, When your dads a cop and you see him do all this stuff to hurt people who are trying to hurt him, You kinda wonder hmm that looks like fun. And plus Niall deserved it. He stole my Ice cream and ate it. How can you not be mad about that!" She laughed. "Grace, that was in 2nd grade. Get over it! Who did you put in a head lock now?" "It's not who i put in a head lock, it's who i'm not putting in a head lock!" She looked at me confused. I sighed and said "Gosh Avery is it so hard to get! HARRY'S LOCKER IS RIGHT NEXT TO MINE!!!" She squealed in excitment. "Not uh!" "No i'm just saying it for the heck of it. Of course it's true." Then she started to jump up and down. "Hey whats up with you guys?" Niall said before he playfully pushed me. "Well for your info. Stands for Information." He looked at me with a sarcastice face. "I know. I'm not stupid." Then i ross an eye brow at him. He grunted and said "So continue.." "Harry's locker is right next to mine." Niall just laughed really loud. "That's it. That's the reason you two are jumping around like crazy people." Avery covered her mouth and said "You could see us from the other end of the half way." "Yes everybody can." I looked at her and said "Well that adds up to another embarrassing moment in our book of embarrassing high school moments. We both giggled and gave each other a high five. Niall sighed. "Thats not the point. The point is that he's no good. Grace he looks like a player. He has probably sleped with a whole lot of girls." I looked at him upset. "Niall he is actually very nice." He looked at Harry then me. "I'm telling you Grace. He has bad news written all over his face." I looked at both of them and said "I'm sorry guys but i have to go. I got to go finish putting everything in my locker. See you later." I walked down the hall until i reach my locker. Harry was still at his. I bent down on my knees and continued taking things out of my bag. When all the sudden Harry bent down next to me and got really close to my ear. He then whispered "Nice dance you did. Next time you should teach it to me." I laughed as he got back up. OMG that was embarrassing.

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