A Chance In The City Of Love

When paige had to take a vacation to paris with her family she thought she would have to do family things. it turns out she was getting a glimpse of where she would be living with her brother harry (which she didnt know about) who was in a band (which she also didnt know about.) Although she will be living there, so will another guy called louis tomlinson.


2. " Harry! your back so early!" *MATURE CONTENT*

shirtless Louis and i make out for a little while then we go up to his room and he starts taking off my shirt and bra. He holds my boobs in his hands then starts to roll my nipples. Shit I'm wet. I feel his bulge on my leg so i take off his pants and start to kiss his chest all the way down to his fully erect dick. I start to suck on his dick. Until he pulls away and without a warning two long fingers entered my vagina. I moaned loudly. He starts pumping them in and out slowly so i can adjust to it. Then out of nowhere he went full speed 

"L-Louis im gonna cum!"

Before i came he pulled out and the feeling was gone. i closed my eyes then all of a sudden a large dick entered me forcefully. I moaned every time he hit my g-spot. 

" Louis I-"

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!?" oh no harry is home early!

"Harry!" Louis said still inside me.


Then i came.

"Louis get dressed the come out here."

i went to my room and left my clothes there. I grabbed a towel and hopped in the shower. this is going to be a long night.

_______________________________________________Louis' P.O.V___________________

Harry: why did you have sex with my sister?

Louis:we are dating.

Harry:Why yould you fuck her on the first date?

Louis: I don't know


Louis (quietly) Ok sorry


OH MY GOD IT IS 5:17 IN THE MORNING AND I AM NOT TIRED WHICH IS SURPRISING BECAUSE I WAS AT THE FAIR ALL DAY LONG. how do you feel about me having a little note thingy at the end of each chapter? yes? no? maybe so? ok i know that chapter was short but im already having writers block.

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