Sometimes I Dream

Sometimes I dream of you and all you do. How much you mean to me.


11. Wandering In My Mind

I am over whelmed with love

My mind becomes a blank

Like a book with no cover

Your wandering in my mind


Words won't express

The words I need to say

You just impress me

Deep in my soul


Your not a dream

Or just a fantasy

Your my life

My one dream


In my life you are

You make me feel so good

I just want to be with you

Wherever you are


Your on my horizon

Like a trail on a mountain

The waves of the ocean

I am floating to you


On a river of love

Passing through the valley

Into the dale

My breath you have taken


To the endless time of love

The very depth of my soul

My very deep ocean

Very peaceful journey


Together our love is true

I think only of you

Each day I miss you more

What can I say?

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