Sometimes I Dream

Sometimes I dream of you and all you do. How much you mean to me.


7. I Won't Forget

I won't forget, I won't forget

Let's forget the world

And get into the swings of thoughts

Let's tune into nature


And touch the stars

Let me feel you

You will be my dream

Age will flow away with time


The moment in time

We will live forever

In your life

I will be your last breath


I won't forget, I won't forget

Our relationship of breath and life

I won't forget

The breath of fire


Our corridor is warm

The rain is falling

We dance in the sky

And walk in the wind


Let's turn down the road

And always be together

We will stay somewhere

The days will past by


Let's hide somewhere

From everyone's eyes

We will talk the night away

As the night passes by


What are we talking about

As the night will pass by

I will make you mine

To worship


This relationship

And worship

We will never forget

I won't forget, I won't forget






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