Sometimes I Dream

Sometimes I dream of you and all you do. How much you mean to me.


4. A Star

A star rests on my shoulder

As the moon sheds it's light

When I look into your eyes

I see a star wink


I am amazed at the world

Of the beauty it brings

Sunshine and rain

Hail and storm


Dance with me as I reach

For the stars

You are like fruit to me

So sweet


I taste your lips

Like a bee with honey

A star is shining

Just for me


Your handsome as can be

When you smile at me

Your gaze upon me

Like the stars above


You won't let me go

Hold on tight

I am your star

Twinkle in the night


I never hide from you

My emotions you know

How I feel

Your my star


You search for my soul

As you sit on my shoulders

A place so beautiful

For the stars to rest


This world is such beauty

It brings much joy

As you walk to me

Like the star you are

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