Sometimes I Dream

Sometimes I dream of you and all you do. How much you mean to me.


3. A Journey

The journey is a long way

As we race through time

But I will see you

Through our journey of love


.......It may be our first love.......


But it may not be the last

I don't want to lose love

You will never forget

I hear your voice


We do not see crime

In the love we share

Hearts may be burning

Through the journey of time


I have to see you this time

As your memory lingers on

You will be mine

A journey


Together we will be

As we walk the line

I have to find you

A candle I will light


As the world turns

So do I

On a journey of love

In precious time


A long journey

It will be

I have to find you

As the light shines


As I reach for you

Shadows fall

Your reflection I see

Writing on the wall


I have found you

Love we do share

In the space of a minute

We made it


Our journey was long

As we walked along

I knew I had to find you

A journey to the end


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