10 Days With the Devil (Harry Styles)

Maybe she was destined, then yet again, maybe she wasn't. Elizabeth Cambridge (A.K.A Libby) was born to die. She was planned to die as soon as she turned 18. Now, as her supposed death is cheated by the saviour of just a little girl, how was she supposed to know what was in store for her? Staying under the eye of the most arrogant, secretive, cocky, and rude man she has ever met. All for ten days. Just to be able to see her little brother be born. But what happens when Harry, starts getting feelings for Libby? And what will they do when the ten days are over and Libby has to die?


5. Chapter 5



 Harry and I walked off to class, me looking down the entire time. The last two periods of the day went by pretty smoothly and swiftly. It was the same thing that I would do any other day, take notes and pay attention. I walked out of the school alone and met Liam outside by the front of the building.

 "Lets go, Blue," he said as I meet up with him. I complied and we began walking. I dragged my feet along the sidewalk and pulled my hood up. Liam shot me a puzzled look and almost looked indirectly through me. "Are you alright, Libs? You seem.... You seem a tad bit off..."

 "Yeah no, I'm absolutely magnificent. Just a little tired is all. It's been... Tough today and I just want to go home and curl up into a little ball." my school bag drooped on my shoulder and I let out a frustrated and almost depressed sigh, rubbing my temples on my head; nothing more could make this day more suffocating and dull.

 "Maybe I can call my mum to come and pick us up? You don't seem in the fittest shape to be walking home."

  "No. If anything, walking would somehow help me even though I mentioned that I wanted to go home," I flipped an array of hair to the side of my head and blew it out of my face. "I'm just so stressed out. School, people, bullies. Ugh, I just want this tragic nightmare to be over,"

 "It'll be okay. School will be over soon enough. I mean, as long as we stick together, we can basically be invincible." he winked and carefully nudged my shoulder.

  "Yup. That'll happen." I said, trying my best to sound the least sarcastic as possible. He seemed like he wanted to somehow interrogate my subtle behaviour before I decided to walk through the field from this morning. Liam of course followed me and he was calling out to me.

  "Libs!" his first attempt. "Blue!" Second attempt, which of course wouldn't get my attention. Not a chance in hell. "Elizabeth Cambridge, stop right where you are!" That made me stop dead in my tracks.

 "What, Liam?" I asked raising my arms up for extra effect. I turned around, defeated and huffed, dropping my school bag on the semi-wet and dewy grass.

 "What's going on with you? I'm sorry if I creeped you out back there... But you can't just walk off like that! I know you're having this type of bad day but still." He looked at me with puppy dog eyes but then once our eyes made full contact, he jerked his head in the other direction.

 "I'm sorry I just really need some air and to go home. I have so much going on, money problems, school, that dumbass from today, and my mum and the baby. I'm sorry it's just getting to be way too much." I sunk down to my knees and buried my face in my hands. "I'm so sorry."

 Liam rushed over and wrapped his arms around my body, he softly shhhed me and said that everything would be okay. It wouldn't be for anyone who actually cared about me. In the end of it all, we both got up and he walked me to my doorstep, gave me a reassuring pat on the shoulder and smiled sympathetically. I jiggled my doorknob and walked inside.

 "Hello, sweetie!" my father greeted, giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "How was your day?"

 "Pretty shit- surely lovely." I replied, ripping off my hoodie and dropping it on the ground. He frowned and grumbled as I made my way into the kitchen.

 "Libby, you should knoww that there's-" I didn't let him finish before I opened the door and walked in to see-Harry. "This is Harry, he's your uncle's friends son. You remember going over to your uncle's house everyday and seeing Harry, right?" I put my hand on my hip and shook my head.

 "I do recall." Bare lies through my own mouth. How eventful has this day been?

 "Hello, Libby," Harry said, extending his arm out for me to shake it. I only meerly did so and almost threw up realizing that'd he was going to be on my watch 24/7 until the day I died. Literally.

 "And what has him appearing here?"

 "Well, Harry here is going to stay with us until your baby sibling is born."


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