Falling in love with a Triplet (Harry Styles Fanfic)

My ex recently moved back, but he isn't just any ordinary ex he's the schools bad boy, and he's also a triplet his name is Edward Styles he has a full sleeve of tattoos, and is always causing trouble, and getting detention.

His brother Marcel is kind of the school nerd, nobody really likes him except the academic clubs, and he only has a few tattoos but he keeps them covered. and last but not least

Harry is the school heartthrob everybody wants to be with him, and everyone wants to be his friend, he's also the school quarterback

I'm on the cheerleading team, and also president of the drama club so i guess your wondering how does a girl like that end up with a guy like that well read my story and find out.


7. secret meeting

*after the game*

I was on my way to Edward's house when i got a text from Harry asking me to meet him at the swing set in the park so i drove there instead.

When i got there i got out of the car and when i got to the swing set Harry came over to me and kissed me and i don't know what i was thinking but i kissed him back. 

* a few minutes later*

we were interrupted by Marcel and one of his friends Jasmine, and then Marcel said

"how could you do this to my brother and Harry how could you do this to Edward you know how much he loves her!!!"

"Well clearly she loves me now, so Edward is just gonna have to back off"

"fine and i'll tell him myself"

then i stopped Marcel and said

"please don't tell Edward you know how much i love him"

"if you loved him you wouldn't have met up with Harry or kissed him back"

Then Jasmine said

"Marcel is right Edward might not be the greatest guy in school but he does deserve so much better then a stuck up cheerleader like you"

then Marcel and Jasmine left, and then Harry tried to kiss me again, but this time i pushed him away. 

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