Our secret nightmare

When your parents have special abilities and you get them it could be an amazing thing. But when sometimes it can be a nightmare. My brother (Zayn Malik) and I ( Cassidy Conor) can see ghost. How can life get worse?


4. PARTY!!!!!! wait...shit

I stared at my self in the mirror and look at my amulet.


I looked at my phone and saw a text from Harry.

I'll be there in 15 minutes. :)

- Harry

I looked up and gasped. I ran to the bathroom and showered really quick. I came out and put on a blue short shirt. It had a teddy bear eating a cookie and sticking out his middle finger it also said 'I eat the cookie if I want to eat it!'.

I put some black jean shorts and my black flats. I grabbed my side purse and did my make up. I curled my hair.

knock knock

"Come in!" I said putting my eye shadow on.

"Harry is he- What the fuck Cassidy!" Zayn said pissed



"NO" I said thinking he was joking

He grabbed my arm and pulled me to my closet. He pushed me causing me to fall.

"Change your fucking outfit!"

"Why?" I said looking at him with a sad expression.

"You are showing way to much! You looked like Miley while her performance in the Mtv awards!"

I looked at him angry. "You aren't my father."

"Shut the fuck up Cassidy and change."

I stood up and slapped him with all my force. I started walking away when I looked back and saw Zayn pissed. I walk to the leaving room and saw Harry with an 'O' shaped mouth.

"You looked great" Harry said with a smile

"Thanks so do you"

We left and got in the car.

"Where are we going?"

"To a party." he said with a smirk


It was after the party and we went to Harry's hotel room.

He sat me in the bed and kissed my neck.

We had a sexy make out session and all the sudden Harry took off his shirt.

He push me in the bed and started to kiss me in the neck.



"W-What are you doing'

"Enjoying time"

He took off my shirt and returned kissing me. His hand went towards the back off my bra and started unhooking it.

"Harry, stop"

He continued

"Harry, Stop"

he continued

"Harry, STOP"

he continued

"HARRY, STOP" I screamed. He continued. All the sudden my amulet eyes light up pink and some how the lights went off and my amulet light become extremely bright. All the sudden Harry flew across the room and the light came on. My amulet went back to normal. Harry Looked at me and I got up put on my bra and shirt.

"I'm so sorry" I said to Harry and ran out. I got in the elevator and went to the Lobby.

I ran home. When I came in I slammed the door and saw Zayn watching TV

"How was it" He said concentrating on the show.

I sat next to him and said nothing. I then burst into tears and that was when he turned around and grabbed me.

"What happened?!"

"I don't want to talk about it."

He grabbed me tighter and kissed my forehead. We Fell asleep in the couch and he was warm :3

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