Our secret nightmare

When your parents have special abilities and you get them it could be an amazing thing. But when sometimes it can be a nightmare. My brother (Zayn Malik) and I ( Cassidy Conor) can see ghost. How can life get worse?


1. Chp 1.

Summary: Hi I'm Sarah and I can see ghost. So can my half brother, Zayn Malik, yeah from one direction. The only people who know is our grandma and the guys. Harry is my boyfriend and yes he is dating a younger girl. Louis is like a brother and my secret friend and benifet. Harry found out but he's ok with it, mostly because Louis and I are drifting away and we dont really do anything big (I'm a virgin). Niall is my bestie. And Liam is just a really good friend that protects me.

Everything is good, Everything is fine. Until the time came.

The nightmare heart

The Nightmare heart is when all the bad ghost are set free. Once they're free they can control people and then the person dies and become a part olf the ghost army. My grandma is the reason why there is no more bad ghost. But it almost cost my mums death. Luckly when my mum was 17 her older brother protected her from the ghost. She doesnt know about the "gift" or that I and Zayn have the gift. But now my grandma is dead and We have no one to warn us or to teach us about our gift. Execp our uncle, But he live in Ireland and we live in England.



Said a voice. I jumped up.


"Cassidy, It time" said a familier voice

"Time for what?!"

I woke up from my dream and and ran to the tv room when all the I bumped into Zayn

"Zayn? What are you doing here?"

"I was in town and I had a weird dream and grandma said its time"

WAIT! It was grandma?

"I had that same dream"



"The Nightmare Heart"

my eyes widend and I felt dead. Is this really happening?

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