I Don't Fall In Love

It was May. I was home from my sophomore year of college and I was jobless and bored as hell. I was job surfing when I stumbled across a hair styling assistant job for One Direction when they were going on their tour in North America. What the fuck. Might as well apply.


3. Those Eyes

Harry's POV

I watched in awe as she swung her hips to her own beat walking out of the elevator and straight into the lobby. I was taken aback by her confidence and all around personality. She certainly was something else. I follow to the group in the middle of the lobby. My eyes stay glued to her,trying to figure her out. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned my head to see Liam.

"Everything okay,mate?" Liam asked. I focused my stare back on Tess who was now bouncing Lux on her hip. 

"Yeah,"I answered bluntly. Liam's eyes followed my gaze to Tess.

He chuckled a little bit,"yeah good luck with that." 

I leaned against a pillar and crossed my arms over my chest. Not even an hour into meeting her and I fell drawn to her.

Tess's POV

"Hello,pretty girl,"I cooed at Lux as she played with my necklace. Little children will always be my weakness. I feel someones eyes on me and I look up and see Harry leaning against a pillar with his arms crossed just staring at me. His green eyes look soft, almost sincere. I look away when Paul starts to talk. 

"Okay guys it's time to go. There are quite a few fans standing outside but we can't stop because we're running late as it is,"Paul explains as he opens the door. 

I hand Lux back to Lou and listen to the deafening screams. A few? I've never been one to get nervous under any circumstances and this hasn't changed that. As we begin to walk outside I feel an arm around my waist. I whip my head to the side and see a smile cladded Harry.

"Just for protection,love. These fans can be brutal," Harry informs me. I just nod and let him lead me outside to the mob of girls. 

 Harry leads me to the second black SUV and quickly opens the door for me. I climb into and slide to the window seat and Harry sits next to in the middle, very close to me. Cheeky boy. Louis and Zayn are in the back and Niall's next to Harry. Harry's hand mysteriously finds its way to my thigh and I quickly slap it away. 

"Do it again,Styles and see what happens,"I snap at him. He just rolls his eyes and chuckles.

"A girl with sass! I love you already,"Louis remarks while resting his head between mine and Harry's seat.

"Aw thanks, Louis,"I say sweetly. 

We arrive at the venue and quickly go to the area where the boys get their hair done.

"Allrighty love,"Lou begins,"I'll have you do Harry and Niall's hair today because it's pretty simple and I think you can handle it."

Great. That boy is already trying to seduce me and this is going to give him many more opportunities. The boys all gather in their chairs and I start with Niall's first because he won't be cheeky with me. I was right. Niall's a sweetie and makes me laugh. We just spent the time talking about how he has to try In-N-Out while he's in America. 

"Thanks,love,"Niall remarks while checking his hair in the mirror,"it looks great." 

I smile and move on to Harry. His hair definitely isn't going to take long. All I had to do was style it(no pun intended). I stepped in front of him looking down at his eyes that were already on mine. I just roll my eyes and smirk a little bit. I grabbed some hair products and silently went to work. Harry's curls were damn near perfect. 

"So,"Harry began to say as I made my way to the back of his hair,"tell me a little bit about yourself,dollface." 

I looked up into the mirror and he was just watching me. "California.19.Student.Leo,"I said quickly to him. He just laughed and shook his head. 

"Now tell me a little about yourself,Styles,"I questioned while meeting eyes in the mirror.

"UK.19.Boy band member. Aquarius,"he mimicked me with a cheeky,dimple grin. 

"You could literally cut the sexual tension between those 2 with a knife,"Louis practically yells in our general direction. 

Me and Harry turn our heads to him say ,"shut up,"at the exact same time. 

"That was freaky," Zayn says as he stands up to go to the changing room. 

I bite my lip and blush,looking down. All the boys head off to get dressed in their concert outfits. You pick Lux out of her playpen.

"Is it okay if I go look around with Lux,Lou?"I ask as she's putting away the last of the hair supplies. She smiles and nods and I walk out of the door.

I bounce Lux on my hip and aimlessly roam through the halls. I found my way to the stage and main arena area. The stage is huge and there must be 10,000 seats,at least, in the arena. I feel Lux lean her head on my shoulder. I look down and her eyes are closing and her little hand has a slight grip on the strap to my shirt. 

"She likes you,"I hear a deep,raspy voice say behind me, startling me,causing me to jump a little and turn around to see Harry looking rather attractive. No,Tess stop it. 

"That what it seems,"I smile at him while looking down at Lux. 

"Go on a date with me,"Harry demands almost.

I look back up at him,"was that a question or a demand?"

"A little bit of both,"he shrugs,putting his hands in his pockets. 

"I don't date,"I state to him and walk away.

"I thought you didn't fall in love,"Harry says,catching up to me.

"I don't do a lot of things,"I remark as he follows me in between the rows of chairs.

Harry then hops over a row and back to the one I'm in, stopping right in front of me. His green eyes almost piercing into mine. Holy shit,those eyes will be the death of me.

"Just one date,pleaseeeeeeee,"Harry sings. 

"Fine,"I blankly say while turning around and walking away.

What have I gotten myself into?

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