I Don't Fall In Love

It was May. I was home from my sophomore year of college and I was jobless and bored as hell. I was job surfing when I stumbled across a hair styling assistant job for One Direction when they were going on their tour in North America. What the fuck. Might as well apply.


10. One Minute

Harry's POV

I twirled her soft,dark hair around my finger and softly hummed to her. I looked down and her eyes were closed and her breathing was getting slower. 

"Pssssssst,Harry,"Louis pretended to whisper while looking of the his seat to mine. 

"What Lou?"I whispered to him and looking down to make sure Tess didn't wake up. 

"It went well,yeah?"Louis winked at me while holding up his thumbs.

"Obviously,"I laughed. 

"Good, don't fuck this one up,Haz,"Louis warned me and sat back down in his seat. 

Tess and Louis have gotten rather close in the past couple days. It didn't surprise me though. They both had a very sassy personality that meshed well together. I looked back down and watched her eyelids flutter a little. I just spoke with the boys the whole trip, it wasn't that long of a plane ride anyway.

"Doll?" I softly said down to Tess. She sighed a little while sitting up and looking at me with her lovely, sleepy eyes. 

"Hi,"she said in a scratchy voice. 

"Hi,"I laughed a little while kissing her nose. She cutely scrunched up her nose a little and let out  a yawn. 

"What time is it?"she asked while crossing her legs and turning to totally face me. 

"Umm around 10 I think,we just landed,"I pointed out while nodding at everyone getting off the plane. I stood up and held out my hand to her to help her up. She smirked and got up by herself, brushing past me and walking off. 

We all are in Tess's room playing a game of truth or dare. All of us are in a circle on the floor and we're laughing at Louis's most embarrassing story. 

"Okay!Okay!"Louis yells, quieting us down"Ms. Tess, truth or dare." 

"Dare,"she snaps without even hesitating. 

"I dare you to give Harry the hottest snog for a full minute,"Louis smirks and winks at me. My eyes just widen and Tess jumps up from her spot. 

Tess's POV

Harry's green eyes get wide and almost nervous as I walk over and stand right in front of him. I grab his hand and escort him a short distance to the couch. I can feel everyone's eyes on me. I lightly push Harry down and put my knees on either side of him. 

"Ready?"I turn to Louis who's timing it. He nods. 

I turn back to Harry and give him a wink before connecting his lips with mine. I run my hands down his neck and slowly over his chest and stop at his abs. I feel Harry relax and place his hands on my waist. I slip my tongue into his mouth with not trouble and he pulls me closer to him. Our lips molded together in perfect sync and I completely forgot anyone else was in the room. I lightly bit on his lower lip causing him to let out a soft moan and pulled away when I heard Louis yelling for us to break it up. But Harry obviously didn't hear because he quickly turned my head and started to kiss me again. I giggled and slapped his arm.

"What?"he asked annoyed. 

"The minute is up,Styles,"I rolled my eyes and poked his dimple and got off of him. 

The game lasted until 3am and we all decided to call it a night. All the boys lazily exited my room with sleepy goodbyes. I was leaning against the door frame saying bye to them all. Harry stayed back and I eyed him curiously as he slowly made his way over to me. I've always like being in control and I can tell Harry does too. I make him nervous, I can tell and I like it. I mean yeah he made me nervous too but I'd never show it. 

"Tonight was fun,"Harry said quietly while moving closer to me. 

I gave him a smile,"yeah it was,"while looking down. When I looked back up Harry was standing relatively close to me. 

Harry slipped his hand over my hip and pulled me off the wall, closer to him. 

"Let me stay the night,"Harry suggested while placing his other hand on my hips. I just shook my head and placed my hand on his chest in attempts to push him back but that only made his hands grip my hips tighter. My hands were still resting on his chest and our bodies were practically completely touching. My heart was beating hard and fast as I studied his irresistible eyes. 

"Why not?"Harry asked quietly,"you're eyes are telling me yes,doll." I rolled my eyes at him and let out a little laugh. 

"Whatever you say,Styles,"I scoffed while removing his hands from my hips causing him to frown. I walked back to the door and held it open for him. Harry laughed and shook his head. 

"Fine,"he chuckled and made his way back over to me. He placed a light kiss on my lips, leaving me wanting more. I bit my lip and contained myself from pulling him in for a longer kiss. I shut the door behind him and let out a sigh.  

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