I Don't Fall In Love

It was May. I was home from my sophomore year of college and I was jobless and bored as hell. I was job surfing when I stumbled across a hair styling assistant job for One Direction when they were going on their tour in North America. What the fuck. Might as well apply.


11. Funny Business

Tess's POV

I was styling Harry's hair and he kept making flirty eyes with me in the mirror. My lip was getting sore from biting down on it from containing myself from smiling too much. I was all done and I walked in front of Harry setting down all my supplies. I felt Harry's hands on my hips and he spun my around the face him. He cheekily smiled up at me and I just rolled my eyes slapped his hands as they slowly started to travel down my hips to my ass. The boys all left to get dressed and I flopped down on the couch and scrolled through twitter. I saw Louis posted another picture and tagged me and Harry. Great. 

"Louis_Tomlison: I should quite my current job and become a pap" 

I clicked on the picture and it was of when Harry had spun me around to face him. Harry's facial expression was very mysterious and I just looked annoyed but a smile was definitely on my lips. We looked so...natural. The picture got thousands of retweets and favorites within minutes. Some people even set it as their profile picture. I decided to take a walk down the endless hallways to hopefully clear my boredom. 

"Tess?"I heard Harry's voice call. I turned around and I saw him peaking his head from around a door. 

"Yesss?"I asked curiously while walking towards him. 

He stepped out of the doorway all dressed but the flannel wasn't buttoned up.

"Will you be a dear and button me up?"he asks sweetly. 

I eye him,"and you can't?"I asked, stopping right in front of him. 

He just shook his head. I rolled me eyes and grabbed the bottom if his shirt and started buttoning it up. I can feel his eyes on me as I concentrate on the buttons. I can't help but stare at his perfectly toned body. As I button more up my eyes travel from his abs to his chest. I smirk a little while biting my lip. I stumble on a button a little because I was getting distracted. 

"I make you nervous,I can tell,"Harry stated softly. I finished the last button just under his chest tattoo and looked up at him. I was taken aback about how close we were actually standing. My eyes instantly met his when I looked up. A smirk was playing on his full lips. "Let me stay over tonight," he suggested as his hand intertwined with mine. "No funny business, we'll just talk and get to know each other better."

I couldn't help but smile at his suggestion. It actually sounded really nice, getting to really know all the secrets and dreams about this cheeky boy. 

"That sounds like a wonderful idea,"I smiled at him. He nodded and kissed both of my cheeks before going back into the room. 

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