Just One Hug, Please *Harry Styles*

Scarlotte Wetell is a new to the homeless world, all she wants is comfort, she doesn't want money, food, anything. She just wants comfort. She opens her arms for someone to just give her her first hug. She does it everyday, waiting for someone who wants comfort, just like her. After a couple of days, she is about to give up and collapse until someone tackles her and cries into her neck. They both cry and cry. The future awaits her.


4. Present Time

A/N HEY, Yeah, hi. How ya doeeeen? Okay, onto the chapter! xoxo stay strong and beautiful!




Scarlotte's POV


Before they let me open the presents they told me their names properly. I nod and try to memorize their names.


I took the big rectangular present first, Liam raised his hand meaning it was his gift. I untied the little cute bow on top and ripped the wrapping paper around the box. I took out my pocket knife out of my pocket.


I jammed it in and cut the tape clean. Resting it down slowly, I opened the box with one hand and peeked at the contents.


"BUBBLE WRAP!" I screamed and jumped into the box. "No! No, that's not what's inside!" Liam said in a rushed voice. "Oh? Then what's in here?" I question while rummaging through the bubble wrap.


Then I touched something cold, "Oh god, is this what I think it is?!" I shout from the box while touching more of it, "Yeah!" Liam smiled, "SO IT'S A MACHINE GUN?!" I shout excitedly, "What? No!" Liam laughed.


"Then what is it?" I pout while Harry and him pulled me out of the box. Liam got into the box and pulled out the present with the help of Niall, Zayn and Louis, "It's a mini range rover!" Louis and I gaped.


"I WANT IT!" Louis screams while jumping into the driver's seat. "SHOTGUN!" Niall and I raised our hands up, I pounce on Niall when he got into the driver's seat. I kicked him in the shin before jumping into the passenger seat.


Louis drove out the door as Niall sat in the back seat, "WE'LL OPEN THE OTHER PRESENTS LATER!" I shout while waving at Zayn, Liam and Harry.


"Niall pass me the nerf gun that's beside you!" I tell him, he gave to me right on time because there were a bunch of girls chasing us already.


"EVERYONE CAN WE PLEASE HAVE SOME SPACE?" I shout while standing up, containing my composure by shoving my foot in a broken crease of the mini range rover. "I don't want to shoot you!" I scream playfully, holding the nerf gun up.


"LIAM, ZAYN, HARRY!" I shout while shooting them as they walk outside. "Come on in then." I mumble as they ran into the vehicle, barely fitting, so I had to sit on the roof.


"Louis go faster!" I smacked his head, "I'M TRYING!" he squealed while hitting the gas pedal, I started to pump up and I shot some fans in the heads.


"Fuck! Paparazzi is here." Liam cussed, he took the other nerf gun beside him and started to shoot people with me.


"BAM, BAM, MOTHER FUCKERS!" I laughed as I threw a plastic frag grenade.


"Get onto the sidewalk!" Niall giggled, Louis made a sharp U turn triggering me to hook the heels of my feet to the handles that are beside Harry and Liam's head.


"THERE'S THE FLAT!" Zayn pointed out as I threw a solid piece of chalk at a photographer.


I grasped the door knob to close it when Louis zoomed into the flat. "LOCK IT! I NEED TO GET MY FEET OUT." I screamed when there were a bunch of bangs on the door.


Zayn rushed to lock the door before anyone opened it, I got the heels of my feet off and jumped off of the mini range rover.


I huffed and fixed my hair a bit. "Thanks for the present, Liam!" I smile while giving him a small kiss to the cheek.


"Next present?" I ask while all of us sat down. They nodded and motioned to another present, I took the small box in my hands and unwrapped it.


"Oh, nice! A cute little badge of each and every one of you guys!" I coo while tapping their noses, "Thanks for the present, Niall!" I cheer while kissing his cheek and a little hug to his head. Yeah, it's not that kind of hug that I consider a hug, he didn't hug back, so it isn't one!


Louis handed me a rather large box and excitedly opened it with me, my eyes widened in surprise, "NO WAY YOU GOT RAZER HYDRAS AND AN OCULUS RIFT?!" I squealed in delight. 


(The product Razer Hydras are spelled like that, deal with it.)


"Yeah! So that when we bring you to our flat we can play a bunch of games in another simulation!" Louis screamed with me in excitement, "Wow, that's the first time Louis said something intelligent." Harry said while making a 'not bad' face.


Yes, I know what memes are.


"We'll play these later!" I promise him, he grins while giving a kiss to my forehead then I gave him one to the cheek.


"Here you are." Zayn whispers as he passes his present to me, "Can I shake it?" I question. He nods, I shook it but no sounds or vibrations were made.


I opened the box, and guess what? BUBBLE WRAP!


"Aw, thanks Zayn! Just what I needed!" I grin and give him a little kiss to his forehead. I take all of the wrap out and wrap it around me like a blanket.


"Here's the last one." Harry smiles at me while he hands me his rather flat but rectangular gift.


I opened it with a struggle as he had basically taped the whole box. I angrily cut it with my pocket knife then opened it.


"Aw! A new llama hat!" I gush, I put my old one down and rested the new one on my head. "Thanks Harry!" I gave him a bright smile, I leaned down to kiss his forehead.


"You guys are so nice! But Louis," I started off, his face fell a bit, I assume he thought he was in trouble, "I made a promise with you, let's play!" I shout while pouncing one of the razer hydras.


Let me say that we didn't sleep for a couple of hours more.

















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