Just One Hug, Please *Harry Styles*

Scarlotte Wetell is a new to the homeless world, all she wants is comfort, she doesn't want money, food, anything. She just wants comfort. She opens her arms for someone to just give her her first hug. She does it everyday, waiting for someone who wants comfort, just like her. After a couple of days, she is about to give up and collapse until someone tackles her and cries into her neck. They both cry and cry. The future awaits her.


2. Gotta Help Them Once

A/N Hi, sorry the chapter earlier was short. :c I'll try to make this a longer chapter! Sorry if I made you want to give me a knuckle sandwich...That's dangerous. 'Punch' is the American term for 'Knuckle Sandwich'. If you're American and use English language, I will seriously bring my gun out and shoot you with my Pistol. xoxo stay strong and beautiful!




Scarlotte's POV


Let's see. It's been about six months ever since I was kicked out. I ate some food, I borrowed some money. I felt really bad though. No one would give me a hug though.


I've been crying for the six past months, my eyes are permanently swollen, so when I close my eyes and feel them. They feel like puffy and soft marshmallows.


If you ask me, Winter weather in England isn't fun as it seems.


Frost and snow surround me, I still have the same clothes from the kicking out scene so it isn't very pleasant.


I stood up and held my sign close to my chest. I took an inhale from my cigarette then puffed out a couple of smoke rings.


I giggled at the rings as my warm tears mixed with the rain.


I took another inhale as my Doe eyes slowly lowered. I puffed out all of the smoke before squishing the cigarette between my shoe and ground.


I'm very pale, my face sculpture is very bony, my body is okay, just some bruises and scratches with some caked blood.


It's not the worst condition I've been in though.


I opened my mouth a bit to pour a bit of some Raspberry Gin.


I swallowed it slowly to not burn my throat. I crouched down to put the bottle down and poured a lot of mouth wash into my alcohol and cigarette invaded mouth.


I gurgled and swished the minty and burning liquid around my mouth, getting every socket, corner, crack or crease.


I pulled the blue trash can towards me and spit it out before my mouth burned even more.


I sighed and kicked the bin away from me.


My head perked up when I heard girls screaming. I shrugged and went on to kicking the bin over and over again.


Five boys were running in my direction, girls following them quickly.


My eyebrows scrunched together, my lips were parted just a bit and I was still holding my alcoholic beverage as well with an unlit cigarette.


I know that I just cleaned my mouth, but sometimes I just can't stop.


The boys that were running saw me harmless since I don't know who they are.


"Please help us." the boy with curly hair pleaded.


They do seem harmless, and the girls who were heading here seemed pretty crazy and psychotic. Shaking the boys hands off of my arms and shoulders, I walked towards the girls who were slowing down in front of me.


My eyebrows were scrunched up with anger my lips parted a bit more, I gripped my bottle tightly as I placed the cigarette low on my lips.


"Hey, little pieces of shit." I spat at them when they tried to move around me. My little outburst made them stop in their spot.


I gotta help those boys. I know people don't help me, but I can at least help.


"Who are you?" one girl asked, putting a hand on her hip, I mimicked her action and lit my cigarette up.


"My name is Scarlotte. Since you people are disturbing five boys, making them stay at my home," I pointed to where they were huddled together, watching me.


All of the girls started to burst out laughing, "Tha-that's your home?!" a girl stuttered as she fell onto the ground laughing.


"Wanna make fun of a girl who was homeless for six months and two weeks? Fine, wanna make fun of a homeless girl from the Military? We'll see about that." I growled as I pulled out my Pistol and Gold out.


The crowd backed away a bit. I threw my guns at the boys, making them screech and move back.


"So, does anyone want to make fun of a homeless girl?" I question while putting my hands to my sides. I inhaled a bit of smoke and puffed it out.


I took a swig of my drink and gulped it down slowly. "Why do you drink and smoke?" one of the girls asked, I shrugged my shoulders.


At least I can stall these girls for a little while.


"My friend kicked me out of her flat, thought I kissed her boyfriend," I started off and shrugged, "I live here now, and for the past months, the money I got were used on drugs, cigarettes and alcohol." I finished, taking a long swig of my alcohol and took a drag from my cigarette.


"What was your friend's name?" I heard a familiar voice call out, "Her name is Arin-Joy, AJ for short." I say and step away from the crowd.


"Please leave the five boys alone. They're tired and they just disturbed a homeless girl's break from everything." I sighed and pointed at them.


"What do you mean?" the boy with blonde hair asked. "I've always wanted my first hug. Never happened yet," I looked up to see the blurry sunlight.


"So, I'm taking a break on things." I explained while holding my cigarette and bottle up.


"You look so innocent, that llama hat, that blue short sleeved shirt, black skinny jeans and combat boots. An innocent girl who had taken drugs, has smoked, and has drunk alcohol." the boy with jet black hair and with a quiff.


"And with guns." I pointed out, they laughed and nodded.


"Yeah, used to be innocent." I sighed and beckoned the small crowd over to where the boys and I were standing.


"You got close to them, but they're tired, so please, let them rest." I whispered, they nodded and walked away.


One stayed though.


"Scarlo-" "No. AJ, go away." I growled, tears spilling to my eyes.


"But I'm sor-" "Do you think sorry fixes everything?! Do you think sorry exists if there are still Wars?! Sorry does not fix anything!" I shout at her.


"You broke....Broke this sweet innocent little girl." I pointed to myself and threw the cigarette to the ground and poured a bit of alcohol on it, making a small flame form.


"For the first four months of my homeless days, I went to the Military, I imagined all of my enemies were you." I whimpered, I shook my head and squished the large flame that engulfed the cigarette.


"Sorry does not fix anything, Wars would've been stopped, there would be no divorces, no fights, nothing negative." I told her, looking up to face her.


"I helped these five boys because I was fucking tired of everything and was ready to give up on life and just sit here and rot." I spat at her. Tears were falling out of my eyes.


"I feel so smelly and dirty. So why not? Why not just rot here, without anyone noticing?" I ask while throwing my fake Pistol and fake Gold away.


"Why are you throwing your guns away?" AJ asked me, looking at my thin and bony fingers. "They were water guns, AJ. I left my real guns back at your flat." I told her, narrowing my eyes.


"Gotta help them once. And it worked. Go away AJ. I don't want to see you or talk to you." I push her to the side while sitting down in between the boys.


"Bu-" "GO! JUST FUCKING GO! IS IT THAT HARD TO COMPREHEND!?" I shout and shove her away with my foot.


It's started to rain harder, I got my inhaler and shoved it past my lips then pressed the small button. I took sharp breaths then shoved the little thing into my pocket.


"I did you boys a favor, you guys can go back to your flat or whatever." I hung a cigarette loosely to my lips again and lit it up as I took a sip of my alcohol at the same time.


They all sat around me and gazed at the bottle in my hands and the little item between my lips. The boy with the black hair and quiff took the cigarette and placed it between his lips as the boy with blonde hair took the bottle and took a swig before giving it to the curly boy and the boy with teal eyes.


"You don't smoke or drink?" I question the boy with the small birth mark.


"No. It isn't healthy." he told me, I shrugged.


"Thanks for helping us." they cheered, while putting my stuff away and walking back to whatever.





A/N HI! I like this chapter a lot! Thanks for reading and using your time on this! xoxo stay strong and beautiful! <3






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