Just One Hug, Please *Harry Styles*

Scarlotte Wetell is a new to the homeless world, all she wants is comfort, she doesn't want money, food, anything. She just wants comfort. She opens her arms for someone to just give her her first hug. She does it everyday, waiting for someone who wants comfort, just like her. After a couple of days, she is about to give up and collapse until someone tackles her and cries into her neck. They both cry and cry. The future awaits her.


6. Girlfriend? Oh.





I stood up from the ground as it should be obvious I have woken up. 


"Come on, Harry wants to tell you something." someone mumbled in my ear as I struggled to walk, "Aye, you're too slow, I'm gonna carry you." the person grunted as he picked me up and onto his back I assume.


"I'm too heavy, let me walk by myself." I whisper lowly, "You're like seventy pounds, the average for a fifth grader, Scar." he told me like it was unbelievable of what I just said.


"It's indescribable by how pained you sound." I said in a serious tone, "It's because one of your bones is digging into my back." he breathed, "You've gotta eat," "PFFT. FUCK NO." I laughed, "It's rude to take food and money from strangers, they need it more than me." I reasoned with the truth.


"Well, I think you're too kind." he said as warm air surrounded us. "Oh, it's Zayn." I say as I open my eyelids and was met by a huge and quiffed up bush.


"Nice hair, but it's getting in my mouth." I cough, jumping off of his back. "Thanks." he gave me a grin before steadying me on their sofa.


"So why am I here?" I ask as a huge and powerful stench of perfume wafted around the air, I covered my nose as I took my inhaler out.


I dropped it as a bare leg hit my hand, my hand shakily tried to grab it from the floor until a high heel stepped on it. My eyes widened, my nose getting stuffier.


"SARAH, GET OFF OF HER INHALER!" Niall screamed frantically, the heel moved and I frantically snatched the little item from the floor and shove it through my lips. I press the button as hard as I could as I took deep breaths in.


"Perfume...Too....Strong." I wheezed, slamming my hand on their coffee table. "Sarah, wash off your perfume." a deep voice boomed through the lounge room.


"I got a blazer from Rylie!" I coughed, twirling around as the girl went upstairs, grumbling.


"See!? IT'S INDIGO WITH MAROON STREAKS!" I scream with joy as everyone gathered in the lounge room. 


"Woah, that's a really good mix." Louis gasped as he held the fabric in his hands, admiring it and basically rubbing his face against it.


"I know! So...What was Harry going to tell me?" I question, pulling my blazer away from the boy's face gently. 


"You know that girl, Sarah?" he questioned as he sat both of us down. "Yes, she's the own who almost killed me." I sang, someone scoffed making everyone turn our heads.


"Who needs an inhaler anyway?" she laughed, taking the item from the table, "Uh...I do?" I raise my hand up, "She's Harry's girlfriend, apparently." Liam whispered in my ear, making me go 'oh'.


"Well if you need it, means you're disabled." she giggled at her own joke, Louis and I rolled our eyes. "Don't try to insult her." Louis butted in, "And why not? She's basically a whore, since she hangs out with you guys." she says innocently, sitting on Harry's lap, my inhaler still in her hands.


I scoffed loudly, making her turn her head towards me, "And why can't I call you a whore? Since you were basically hanging out with these guys before I got here with Zayn?" I question, crossing my arm.


She snarled, "Don't go there, Scar." Harry mumbled, I laughed, standing up, tears in my eyes. "Oh so you're saying that she can go as far as she'd like? She's probably rich already! Dating you, is like someone else's dream! She's using you for attention and so many other freaking stuff! In her school, she's the popular girl in school! She has the attention! She has the spotlight, like Amanda Todd," "DON'T EVEN GO THERE!" she shouts at me, standing up.


"Why?" I question quietly, "Amanda Todd was my sister." she answered quickly, "Okay. No. That's not true! One, you're not looking at anyone, you're playing with your fingers, you're looking at your feet, you're not even looking at HARRY." I pointed out.


"Now let me continue!" I shout as she was trying to reason to me as why she's Amanda Todd's sister. "You know what, FUCK THIS INHALER!" she shouted at me, she dropped the inhaler and was about to stomp on it. You do know what happened right?


I took my water gun out.




I tackled her.


Simple, but fucking effective. c;


"DON'T MAKE ME HIT YOU." I shout in her face. Everyone was so surprised actually, that it felt like everything froze.


Since everyone froze, I thought I could eat since Zayn had told me to.


I skipped into the kitchen, opening the cabinets.




Nothing was in the cabinets. 


I grumbled while walking back into the lounge room. "AH! Everyone's un-frozen." I smiled, sitting down, beside Louis who went back to touching my blazer.


"Well, you did say 'FUCK THIS INHALER', I see what you're doing now." I point at Sarah's breasts where she shoved my inhaler. 


"Why don't you get it then? Since obviously you're getting annoyed." she shrugged her shoulders, crossing her arms, trying to impersonate my thick British accent.


"Ew, that's disgusting!" I groan, throwing my head back.


"It's like you want the boys to have boneeeeeeeers." I sang with a laugh, "Why are you trying to make her sound like a slut?" I scoffed at Harry's question.


I raised my eyebrows, "Wow...You can just feel...the tension..." Louis fiddled with his fingers, making a weird face. 


"I'm gonna buy a new inhaler." I mumbled, standing up as the tension grew more and more. 


"How're you gonna pay for that?" Niall asks, furrowing his eyebrows. "Gonna hold up a drug store?" I said like it was obvious, "And how?" Liam questioned, raising his eyebrows up.


"With my water gun, 'f course." I held up my water gun with a smile. "No, no, no. You're going to get arrested, they're going to think it's a real gun." Harry shook his head, standing up and taking the item from my hands.


"Well, I'm not touching that inhaler!" I exclaim. "Just take it! None of us are going to take it!" Zayn shouted, I tilt my head back and sigh.


"How should I take it from her...Boobies? I don't want to touch it with my hands." that made all of the boys laughed, 'boobies' is a funny word.


"JUST TAKE IT OUT! HARRY'LL CLEAN IT!" Liam screamed, I cocked an eyebrow. "Boy, impatient you guys are." I grin, "How should I take it out? Since I don't need to be rude, for now." I say impatiently, tapping my foot on the floor.


"Just use your teeth, she won't let you use your hands anyway." Louis shrugged. "Wow, perverts." I mumble as all of the boys nod, a little sparkle in their eyes.


I placed my hands on Sarah's shoulders, I dipped my head down and opened my lips.






"You're really sweaty." I mumbled, taking the item with my teeth and quickly throwing it to Harry as it came out. "WASH IT!" I shouted as he stood there shocked. 


Everyone was shocked, which meant that everything is frozen.


"DAREDEVIL WETELL STRIKES AGAIN!" I shout, taking the inhaler from his hands, washing it, then walked out of their flat. Leaving everybody speechless.











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