the Midnight twins past

Luna’s p.o.v
Why did they do this me?!
I ran through the rain with tears streaming down my cheeks like fresh water running down a creek. I feel like I’m supposed to be somewhere… but I don’t know where. Running to a lake, I looked at my reflection.
I don’t even recognize myself…
Kieron’s p.o.v
They did this!
They made my sister go through this hell!
I’ll never forgive them!
Not Now!


3. the escape

Luna’s p.o.v

It’s been three years since my “mother” tried to murder me and the abuse has gotten worse. It’s now full on physical, emotional and verbal abuse.

The big 3…

Luckily for us, today there going out to town.  Kieron figured out a plain to get us out of here and far away from here when their gone.  I’ll finally get to see the outside world and my parents can’t do anything about it.

I just turned 8 and Kieron is still 11. Seems like he’s going through the same thing I did when I was 4.

I was lying on my bed when my mother burst into the room. I quickly got up and stood politely in front of her bowing my head in a silent greeting.

“Your father and I are going to be in town for a while. I don’t want you touching anything with your filthy hands while I’m gone. I want you to be on your best behavior while I’m gone. Now go fetch my keys, be back here in 2 minutes.” She said harshly.

I nodded and ran off down the hall. I saw the keys on the kitchen bench and picked them up. I stuffed them in my pocket and got out the fake keys my brother made. I ran back to her and was instantly slapped in the face.

“YOU LAZY B***CH! YOU’RE 2 SECONDS LATE! GIVE ME THOSE!” she yelled swiping the fake keys away from me. Lying on the ground I saw my father walk over to us. He looked down at me and kicked me continuously in the ribs shouting “useless child!” I tried to scream out in pain but it only came out as silent whimper.

Once he stopped I was pretty sure I had 2 broken ribs and this only added to the number of broken bones I counted. So far they had broken 27 bones and had given me so many serious whip lashes on my back. I can’t even count the crisscrossing scars, there’s just too many. So far most of them have healed in just 2 and half weeks.

My brother came rushing in as he sensed my pain and crouched over my shaking body.

Kieron and I have started to notice how different we were from our parents and we started to be able to do strange things. Like at times when we were far apart we could still hear each other and sometimes when we were being abused everything seemed to go in slow motion. Kieron soon found that he would always know when I was in pain and I noticed that I could sense his pain too. He was soon able to make anything he wanted just by thinking of it and I was able to move through the walls like a ghost.

“Luna?!” he exclaimed. He lifted me off the ground and cradled me in his arms.

“We’re leaving now” father stated. And then they were gone.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I felt my system start healing itself and my breathing became more stabilized. I reached into my pockets and held the keys up saying “I’ve got the keys Kieron” He took them and said “good, now let’s get out of here” I got up being able to move around again because of my body’s inhumanly fast healing ability and hoped onto Kieron’s back. He walked towards the stairs and unlocked the door.

After waiting 5 minutes just to be safe, he opened it and looked around. We were in a hall way by the looks of it. The coast was clear so we sneaked around and looked for the exit.

“Kieron I found the way out!” I whispered/shouted. He ran toward me and I grabbed his hand and bolted out the door while looking around at the unfamiliar surroundings.

He suddenly jerked back, pulling me to a stop and I looked down. I was marveled, right before my eyes was grass. I had heard of it, but never in my life have I seen it. I hesitantly reached down and ran my hand through it. It felt wonderful, like hundreds – no thousands of tiny soft petals and the smell -oh the smell of it. It smelt like freshly fallen snow!!! For about 2 minutes Kieron and I just rolled around in it, enjoying this new feeling of freedom.

Then I was snapped back into reality by a loud bang that made my ears ring. “Kieron!” I shouted, frightened by the sound. We scurried close together and stayed silent.

The minute we heard another shot, we ran as fast as we could. That noise sounded dangerous and we weren’t about to hang around to find out. We jumped over a barb wired fence landing perfectly on the opposite side. We kept running until we were out of breath.

“What was that?” I wheezed. “I don’t know and I don’t wanna find out” he replied. I nodded in agreement. We soon noticed that it was getting dark and the storm clouds looked like they were rolling in. 

“Let’s find some shelter, we’ll wait out the storm and keep moving after that” “okay, maybe we can get some sleep as well” I agreed.

We climbed a tall tree and Kieron said “I’ll keep a watch out, you get some sleep” “alright wake me up if you get tired” I told him. He nodded and I leaned against his chest while hanging my feet off the branch.

 I closed my eyes and fell into the darkness with many thoughts racing around my head.

Where will we go?

What happens next?

But more importantly… How long will we survive in this unknown world?

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