the Midnight twins past

Luna’s p.o.v
Why did they do this me?!
I ran through the rain with tears streaming down my cheeks like fresh water running down a creek. I feel like I’m supposed to be somewhere… but I don’t know where. Running to a lake, I looked at my reflection.
I don’t even recognize myself…
Kieron’s p.o.v
They did this!
They made my sister go through this hell!
I’ll never forgive them!
Not Now!


2. she tried to drown me...

Luna’s p.o.v

I was playing around with the bubbles in the bath and laughing my head off at my mother as she tried to tickle me. I had noticed that her laugh sounded like a robot and her smile did not reach her eyes.

“Mummy what’s wrong?” I had asked.

She went silent and her eyes clouded over, changing from their natural hazel to a light grey. She placed her hands on my shoulders tightly and a blank look adorned her face. She then slowly but strongly, pushed me under the water and held me down as I flailed around. Trying to breathe as the air was forced out of my lungs, I thrashed around violently. Black spots had started to cover my vision and I knew…

 She was trying to drown me.

I was slowly losing consciousness when I felt her hands get pulled away. I had jumped out of the bath and wrapped myself in a towel while cowering in the corner of the room. I had listened to my father and mother shout at each other outside the room.

“What were you thinking you idiot?!”

“Don’t call me an idiot! I am sick and tired of pretending to love that thing in there! I want her gone!”

“I want her dead too you know! We can’t kill her because if we do they’ll know and it’ll be our heads on that plate!”

“Alright but what do we do with them?! It’s obvious that if she is one of them then he is too!”

“We keep them down here till we can get those guys off our backs! Then we’ll be able to do whatever we want to them! … Alright?”

I could hear my mother burst into tears and sobs.

“I’m so scared” she cried.

SHE’S SCARED?! WHAT ABOUT ME?! I’M THE ONE SHE TRIED TO F*#K%NG DROWN HERE! I’M FRICKING TERRIFIED! I mentally screamed. Yeah I know what you’re thinking. ‘Wow her parents must have been a bad influence!’ yeah… a VERY bad influence.

They left me there after that.

I was scared…. Lonely… heartbroken…. And sick. It wasn’t till Kieron had realized I never had come out of the bathroom, which I had been in the same position for 2 hours.

Keiron’s p.o.v

I’ve realized now how big of a mistake I had made. I had thought that Luna would be safe there. Boy that was stupid. I had really put her in critical danger. I had thought up a plain to get us out of there when they went out and I promised myself that I would keep her safe from that place from then on.

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