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This is the sequel to "Our little secret" if you haven't read "Our little secret" then you wont get this story. So read "Our little secret" please............. Blurb: Justin and Riley are going to tell people that they are going to date, but something gets in their way. What's stopping Justin and Riley from being a couple? Will they get over it and date or will they go there separate ways? Is love stronger than hate for them? Read it to find out!! :) XoX jUS10_2611 <3


19. Nice to be back

Riley's POV



After I locked arms with Justin, I looked in the mirror one last time, the light shade of make-up I put on covered up the little bruises that were still on my face, I just don't want to look bad for his beliebers, he gave me a kiss on the cheek.


"What was that for?" I asked a bit confused.


"It's just a 'don't be nervous kiss'." he said with a weak smile. I wonder if he really wants to let everyone see us? together.


I nodded my head and looked forward,

"lets go." I said with a smile on my face.



Then we were out in the open. The sun was rising but it was light enough to see. There was about 7 or 8 paparazzi.



We took the second step and then Justin turned me around and gave me a full on kiss, probably indicating that I was his, and only his girl. 

Yup, I think he wants to tell the world. I didn't stop him. I could here the cameras flashing and snapping the pictures that would for sure be famous within no time. But I still didn't stop him from kissing me.



We both let go at the same time. Justin smiled at me.

"Come, let's go." Justin whispered in my face. He then grabbed ahold of my hand and we walked down the stairway together.

We ran through the paparazzi, and pasted Scooter, but we didn't hid our faces, we showed them off. 

Me and Justin ran till we couldn't run anymore, we were both laughing so hard for no reason.


"Why-a-are w-wee....... Laughing?" I said out of breath and laughing.


"I...I don't kn-now?" Justin said laughing hard.


"There you two are!" We both turned and saw Scooter coming over with our luggage and a mad look on his face. "It's 7:00 am in the morning, you were supposed to be here 3 hours ago!" Scooter said with a loud voice waving my luggage in the air.



Me and Justin both looked at each other and tried to hold in the laughter, but we couldn't, we both broke out laughing.

"Why do you think this funny?!" Scooter said in more of a loud voice.


"We don't- it's just a long story." Justin said still chuckling.

"Well I'm happy to see you two are happy." Scooter said in a more normal tone of voice.


Right when Scooter said that Justin pulled me into his arms and hugged me from behind, he set his chin on top of my head.


"Ya." Justin said, I could feel the vibration of his voice on top of my head. "She's aaaallllll mine." Justin said and pulled me in closer.


Scooter looked at me and I rolled my eyes sarcastically.


"When's the show?" I asked, while Justin was slightly rocking us back and forth. 


"Today, it's just that we needed Justin a little early." Scooter said looking at Justin.


I felt Justin mouthing words. I turned around to see if I could see what he was saying but he stopped and smiled down at me.


"We should get going." I heard Scooter say from behind.

"Okay." I said not taking my eyes off Justin.


Next thing I knew, I was off my feet and in Justin's arms bridal style.


"Justin." I quietly whined.

"I have to hold on to you, or you'll run away." He said looking deep into my eyes. Peaked his lips.

"I'm not leaving anytime soon." 

Then he started to walk.

* * *

It was about 5 minutes of walking but then we got the the car. Justin let me down.


We got in the car and Justin rested his head on my shoulder. 


"Is somebody tieward?" I said in a baby and squeezing Justin's cheek at the same time.

"No, these muscles are never tired." He flashed me his arm.


"I'm sorry...... What am I looking at?" I said with squinted eyes.

"Hey!" Justin whined.


Then Justin squeezed my thigh, and I spazzed cause it tickled and he knew that was one of my few weak spots.


"Stop!" I said and slapped his hand.


"You know your boy crazy for me." Justin giggled and looked up at me.


I stroked the side of his face. "Yes, yes I am." I whispered and then gave him a kiss.

"It's not getting too crazy back there, is it?" Scooter said looking through the rear view mirror.


Me and Justin both started to laugh again.


"You guys are so cute when you laugh together." Scooter said still looking through the mirror.


"Thanks." Justin and I both said in harmony. We smiled at each other.

* * *


"We're here." Scooter said.

We pulled up to Pattie's house. I've only been here a couple of times, but I sorta know my way around town.

I didn't sleep any of the ride but Justin did.


"Justy." I whispered in Justin's ear.


"Mmmm" Justin moaned. I smiled.


"Okay, I'm leaving." I began to crawl away, but then I was pulled right back in by two strong arms.


"No!" Justin pouted.


"Well then come on." I grabbed his arm and tried to drag him out of the car.


I opened the door, I got out first and got Justin to sit up and look at me.


"There's my handsome little shit." I squeezed his cheek and giggled.

Justin smiled at me. "I love you."


"I love you too Justy."

We then walked up to the front door and Pattie welcomed us in. 

*mental sigh* it's nice to be back. 




Thank you guys sooo much for the feed back, you should do that more often, please. And I love all you guys. 



@PerfectBieber , your perfect..... End of story! Love u!!

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