Secret told

This is the sequel to "Our little secret" if you haven't read "Our little secret" then you wont get this story. So read "Our little secret" please............. Blurb: Justin and Riley are going to tell people that they are going to date, but something gets in their way. What's stopping Justin and Riley from being a couple? Will they get over it and date or will they go there separate ways? Is love stronger than hate for them? Read it to find out!! :) XoX jUS10_2611 <3


17. I'm ready

Riley's POV

I woke up but Justin wasn't underneath me. 

The door was open to the room and I saw Justin turn the corner and take some bags out of the plane.

I crawled to the end of the bed and sat there. I rubbed my eyes and stretched my arms.

Then I got up off the bed and went over to the exit of the plane, which the exit was stairs. I peaked around the corner and saw Justin talking to Scooter with a smile on his face.

I could see him mouthing the words "everything's been good" and "I really missed her."

I smiled and put my head back inside the plane. 

I looked across the room and there was a mirror. I saw my reflection and I looked like shit.


I saw my bag sitting in the corner of the plane and went over there to grab it. 

I grabbed one of the only outfits I had in there, because I didn't know that I was going to go to Canada with Justin.

Anyways the out fit looks like *the one that Riley (Selena)  is wearing on the cover.*

I let my hair flow naturally and the put on a light shade of make up.

I returned out into the main part of the air plane. Justin is still outside talking to Scooter.

Then I heard someone walking up the was Justin.

"Hey babe," he said with a big smile "I didn't know you were up."

"Well...... I'm up." I giggled, things are a little awkward.

"Well we should get going." He said and gestured his arms to exit.

"Okay." I walked over to get my bag.

"Shit." I heard Justin whisper across the room.


I turned around with my bag in my hands. I saw Justin looking out the door way.

"What is it?" I asked a little scared for and answer.

"The fucking paparazzi." Justin said, facing the doorway and sighed.

I walked up behind him and kissed his ear lobe.

"It's okay....... I'm ready to show the world." I said a little scared of what Justin would think.

He turned around.


"Really?" He asked lifting one eye brow.

I nodded my head a little confused with his answer.

"I'm mean...... I'm happy, because I'm ready to, it's just I've been waiting for so long and well I want you to be ha-"

I cut him off and kissed him before he could go on with his long sentence.


"So I take that as a "lets go"?" Justin said putting out his arm.

"Yes." I locked arms with him and we began to walk down the stairs.



A/N: their finally going to tell the world....... Please keep reading and if you have anytime please read my other movella 'God Daughter' 

Love u!




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