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This is the sequel to "Our little secret" if you haven't read "Our little secret" then you wont get this story. So read "Our little secret" please............. Blurb: Justin and Riley are going to tell people that they are going to date, but something gets in their way. What's stopping Justin and Riley from being a couple? Will they get over it and date or will they go there separate ways? Is love stronger than hate for them? Read it to find out!! :) XoX jUS10_2611 <3


6. I promise

Justin's POV


Riley ran out of the hospital. I could tell that she is disappointed in me for not tell her. But how could I tell her that Grace could be pregnant with my child?


Grace: wow, drama.

Justin: hey, shut up!

Grace: this isn't my fault. Your the one who didn't put on the condom!



Everyone looked at me and Grace. I put my head down so the would recognize me. Thank god..... no one saw who I was.


Justin: shush!

Grace: it is your fault.


She walked out the door and to the parking lot.


Justin: bitch.

I whispered to myself.


Then I went out the car, Grace was sitting in it. We dove together. I didn't want to dive with her, but she made me.


I opened up the car door, got in and started the car. I started driving.


Grace: Justy.


She slide her hand down my thigh.


Justin: stop, Grace!


She kept sliding her hand closer and closer to my dick.


Justin: really Grace quit!


I had my hands on the wheel driving through traffic, so I couldn't get her hand away form me.


Her hand was now on my dick. And she started rubbing.


Justin: Grace..... really.....uhh... stooooooooppp.......uuuuggggghhhh!


What? I'm a guy and when girls do that its just the natural instincts to moan.


Grace: ewww you like?


She kept rubbing, I had my eyes closed.




I heard the sound of a car horn. I opened my eyes. I swerved out of the way of the car.


Justin: Grace are you trying to get us killed?!

Grace: Just trying to have a little fun.



I kept driving back to the tour bus. It's now 3:00.

Me and Grace got out of the car.


Scooter: who'd it go?



she screamed that as loud as she could. The people who were surrounding us looked, with confutation in their eyes.


Justin: but we don't know if its positi-

Grace: It's positive, I haven't had sex with any other guys since you.


My heart skipped a beat. It couldn't be my baby that is inside of Grace....... Could it?



Grace wrapped her arms around the side of my waist. And giggled a evil giggle in my ear. I pushed her away.


Scooter looked at me with that look that makes you want to get on your knees, start crying and pray to god for a second chance.


Scooter: This is serious Grace!

Grace: I know! So fuck off, your hurting our baby.


"our", "our"........ could it really be "our baby"?


Scooter rolled his eyes at her.


Justin: The test results are coming back at 4:00.

Scooter: Okay but as soon as it gets here we are, we're leaving....... With or without everybody!


He looked at Grace, like he was hopping that Grace would be one of the people that we would leave without.

I smiled to myself, but then that smile quickly turned into a scared look. What if Riley doesn't come back and I loose her forever?



* * *


 *in the tour bus*


Its 4 o'clock. Riley's still not here, but Grace is and she keeps going on and on about a baby shower, and the name? Fuck, I don't even know if I'm the dad?


Scooter walked into the Bus.


I pooped up out of my chair.


Justin: Are the test results here!!

Scooter: no, that's what I was coming to ask you?

Justin: huh? there supposed to be here by now.


Grace stood up next to me.


Grace: awww, Justin, your so egger to find out that you are the daddy.


I turned to Grace.


Justin: Grace, for the last time,..... I'M NOT THE FUCKING DAD!


She looked at me with shocked in her eyes.


Inside my head I was thinking "ahhhh.... That felt good to get that out".


Then her shocked face turned into a smile. she came close to my face.


Grace: you cant get rid of me that easy.

she whispered.


Scooter: uhhh? hello?


Grace turned around and I looked at Scooter, I felt dizzy, Its like Grace put me in a trance.


Justin: Ya,..... ya?

I shuddered on my words.


Scooter: are you going to call the hospital?

Justin: ya.


I pulled out my phone......... Shit I don't have their number.


Justin: uhhh? I don't have their number.


Grace laughed, probably because this is all a part of her plan.


Scooter: screw it we're leaving. The next place that we stop at we will get your pregnancy test thingy, done.


He walked down the steps of the tour bus. I ran after him.


Justin: Wait! What about Riley, we cant leave without her!

Scooter: Call her, And if she's not here in the next 15 minutes we'll book a flight for her, to the next tow that we are going to.

Justin: okay.


I ran back up the stairs to get my phone. I looked around where I left it but it wasn't there.


Grace: Looking for this?


I looked up and saw Grace standing there with my phone in her hand.


Justin: give it!


I reached out to grab it, but she moved her hand.


Grace: you want it? Well then you have to leave without Riley!

Justin: Bitch! Really? You want to play that game?

Grace: The phone or Riley?

Justin: Riley.

I crossed my arms.


Grace didn't think this plan over very well. She was lost in her thoughts and I grabbed the phone from her hands.


I ran into my room and locked the door.


I dialed her number and called it. Nothing.


I called her again. This time I leaf her a voice mail message.


Justin: Hey baby, its me. I know your pissed right now, but what you saw was a lie. Grace is pregnant but not with my baby. The only person I want babies with, is you. I love you too much for me to let Grace be pregnant with my child. I promise........... just call me back, please,...... I love you.


I hung up the phone. I wish that every word I just said will come.






A/N: OKAY sorry I didn't update in forever! And I have a new movella by the way its called "God Daughter" You should read it please!!..... So what do you think is going to happen in the next chapter? Keep reading to find out. :) Comment, like, fav, fan and follow me on instagram! Its: biebersbf.









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