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This is the sequel to "Our little secret" if you haven't read "Our little secret" then you wont get this story. So read "Our little secret" please............. Blurb: Justin and Riley are going to tell people that they are going to date, but something gets in their way. What's stopping Justin and Riley from being a couple? Will they get over it and date or will they go there separate ways? Is love stronger than hate for them? Read it to find out!! :) XoX jUS10_2611 <3


7. forgiven?

 Riley's POV

I drove to the car rental place and dropped off the car. Then I walked out of the building. I walked around the town looking at stores and places.




My phone buzzed in my back pocket. I took it out and saw that there was 1 missed call from Justin and on voice mail.


I opened up the voice mail.


Justin: Hey baby, its me. I know your pissed right now, but what you saw was a lie. Grace is pregnant but not with my baby. The only person I want babies with, is you. I love you too much for me to let Grace be pregnant with my child. I promise........... just call me back, please,...... I love you.





For some reason I believed every word he was saying. It did sound like he was lying or nervous he just sounded like Justin, the kind, sweet, loving, Justin.


I smiled to myself. Then I ran back to were the tour bus was parked. It was gone.


I had water forming in my eyes with sweat running down my forehead. I wiped it away and sniffed away the tears.


I got out my phone and called Justin.


phone call:


Justin: RILEY!! Where are you?!

Riley: Justin, hi.


Riley: I'm fine baby.

Justin: Thank god.


I could hear him sigh of relief.


Riley: Hey, listen, I'm standing where your bus used-

Justin: I'm so sorry Scooter made us leave or else I would be late for my next concert.

Riley: its fine.,....... so what do I do now?

Justin: I'm sending out a cab to pick you up and fly you to Denver.

Riley: okay? when will it be here.

Justin: ummmm........ 10 minutes.


It sounded like he just set up the cad to come pick me up.


Riley: okay, thank you!

Justin: no thank you. I'm sorry about what you saw I-

Riley: Hey, we'll talk about later.

Justin: okay,...... I love you.

Riley: love you too.


I hung up the phone.



I'm not pissed off at Justin, I mean you can't stay mad at Justin Bieber forever. He's really sweet and I know he would do anything for me. So I'm giving him another chance.



* * *


I got on the first flight to Denver.


I sat in my seat, luckily no one was in the other seat next to me. So I switch seats to sit in the window seat.


The plain was in the air and I was already getting drowsy.


airplane captain: alright folks we will be in the air for another 2 hours so sit back and enjoy your ride.


After I heard that I pretty much fell asleep.


* * *


I walked out of the Denver airport. I looked around to see if Justin had sent a cab for me.


Then I felt a pair of warm arms wrap around my waist and twirled me around I giggled. And the arms  set me down. I turned around and saw that it was Justin.


I gave him a kiss.


Justin: I'm soooo sorry! I can explain.

Riley: explain when we're in the car.

Justin: stay here.


Justin ran off to go get his car. Then he pulled up next to the curb.


He got out of the car to open up my door.






We turned around and saw like 7 really pretty girls come and run up to Justin. They we're probably 17 years old or so.


Justin: hey guys.

girl 1: oh my god Justin! I LOVE YOOOOOUUUU!!


After she screamed that the rest of the girls started to scream and cry at the same time.


I looked around and people we're staring.


Justin: I love you all too!


The screamed again.


Justin: shhhhhhhh........


he play fully told them to settle down, and they did.


Justin: are any of you going to the concert tonight?


They all shook their heads no.


Justin: well, we can't let you miss it.


He went into his car and look through some papers.


girl 2: Are you the girl who is dating Justin?

Riley: well uhh.......


I don't know how to answer them.


girl 2 your not even pretty. I mean he could have done much better than you.


They all started to laugh.


girl 3: he's our Justin!


they all started to say "yeah!" and "bitch".


girl 4: touch him and you'll d-


I could tell that they saw Justin come back out of the car so they kept quite and acted nice to me.


girl 5: omg she is pretty.

girl 6: I know, her eyes stick out the most.


Justin came and gave me a kiss on the check. the girls were about ready to come and kill me.


Justin: here you go girls.


Justin handed the 7 tickets that they didn't deserve, but I guess they were only protecting "their Justin".


girl 1: thank you so much Justin. I love you.


she came up and gave Justin a kiss on the lips. not just any peck kiss, it was a full on make out session. Justin quickly pushed away.


The girl bit her bottom lip. Then the girls ran away with the tickets and a kiss from Justin.


Justin looked at me like he just made the biggest mistake of his life.


Justin: I'm so sorry! their crazy!

Riley: its okay.


I sadness in my voice. What those girls said really hurt and made my self-esteem go down even more.


Justin: what's wrong?

Riley: nothing, I'm fine.


I gave him a kiss on the cheek, I can't let the haters get in the way.


Justin: good.


He opened up my door and I got in. he got in on the drivers seat.


When we were in the car he explained why he was so sad on those days that he ignored me, and why he was at the hospital with Grace, and how much he hates Grace and wishes that she would just disappear.

After all the explaining I forgave him and we were at the concert dome.


I looked at the clock its 7:45 pm.


Riley: when do you go on stage?


Justin looked a the clock.


Justin: uhhh, 30 minutes?


Riley: what?! come on lets go!


I jumped out of the car running to the back entrance with Justin close behind. The security guy opened it up for me and Justin.


I started running down the halls. Justin was like15 feet away from me.




Riley: NOOOOO!!


then all of the sudden Scooters tiny little head popped out of a door. If only you could see his face, it was priceless.


Scooter: come on Justin your on in 20 minutes!


Justin: coming!



Me and Justin walked into his dressing room. His all white outfit was already lied out for him to just put on.


he quickly pulled off his shirt and I saw his muscular arms and sexy six pack. I bit my bottom lip. I couldn't help it.


Justin must've seen me bit my bottom lip.


Justin: you like?

Riley: yes.


He pulled off his pants and underwear reveling jerry. This was the biggest turn on in my whole life.


I couldn't help it, I jumped up and started to aggressively make out with him. I jumped on top of him still making out. Things were getting heated, then all of the sudden there was a pounding at the door.





I jumped off Justin, I was a little sad but you know he has to preform.


He quickly put on all of his clothes and shoes. Then he turned to me.


I gave him a kiss.


Riley: we'll finish that later.


meaning we'll have sex later. I a little iffy if I want to have sex with him, but at the same time I love him and I just want to show him that.


We both ran out of the room and backstage. I watched him get up on his wings. And there he went as soon as the screen slider doors opened you could hear all his roaring fans. I smiled and I could see that Justin was smiling ear to ear.


I love seeing him happy.



Justin's POV


Justin: wait what do you mean?!



I was yelling/talking to Scooter. Shit is going down and I don't know how to fix this one?






A/N: heyyy so I updated really fast because I felt like it. And just randomly wondering, does anyone think that I should have a R (sex seen) ratted part in the movella? comment yes or no what do you think is happening? what shit is going down? read the next chapter to find out. comment, like, fav and fan please and thank u! <3 luv u gi's



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