Finally Found You

Best friends as children only to be broken up and split apart. This was tough for Mia, the only thing tougher then losing your best friend is re connecting after some time. Because thats when you see the changes and learn all the secrets they've been keeping from you, their families, the world and surprisingly themselves as well.


7. CHAPTER 7- Trains and Taxis

I headed home not really in the mood to pack for London. Luckily being me i had packed a few days before so i really had to do was put in toothpaste and my makeup bag and i was ready to go.

I was watching tv just waiting for Grace to finish up packing. In a matter of minutes she came rushing down the stairs with such a wide smile on her face i swear you could've put one of those 'wide load' stickers on her forehead. 

"I'M READY, I'M READY!" She shouted as she placed her two suitcases next to my one.

Margie came and gave us our passports and tickets as Al took our suitcases and piled them into his car. As much as i usually prefer to fly going by train i knew that this would be more exciting as i would be able to sleep better and Grace would be able to see all the different cities and wouldnt be trying to hold a conversation with me as she knows that i love to sleep during long trips.

The 4 of us piled into the car and headed towards the train station. Al took the bags out and wheeled them in on a cart until we got to the point where only people with tickets could go through and since only Grace and i were going they couldn't go through which meant this was the time for our goodbyes.

"Now you girls be safe and Mia please keep an eye on Grace because you know how crazy she can get at time right..? " Margie said with an uncertain laugh.

Al gave the two of us a quick hug and a fatherly kiss before he took in Margie's and walking back towards the car.

"Great 3 hours train ride stuck with you." Grace said as she started getting herself comfortable in her seat.

"Grace.. You you're usually stuck with me for about 24 hours. 3 Hours wont do anything different!" I said a tad annoyed a tad laughing.

 I reached into my bag and grabbed my phone and my headphones. I found the playlist i was obsessed with at the moment and began to listen to it as the train finally embarked for London.

Dazing out the window, my attention was dragged towards a sleeping Grace making the cutest little snoring noise. 

I must have fallen asleep because i was awaken by a bubbly Grace telling me we had finally reached London. 

Waking up my sleeping body was a hassle much less grabbing my heavy luggage. We stepped off the train hopping we had everything we boarded the train with.

"Grace are you sure you got all of your bags and things?" I asked knowing that she has a habit of forgetting her things in places and only realizing about this much later.

 We started walking towards the streets and jumped into the first taxi we could spot.

"Where to ladies?" The man asked.

"Uh. 2 Whitehill Ct?" I said unsure as i grabbed my ticket to see the address Margie had written down.

"Yes 2 Whitehill Ct." I said to man.

"Uh Miss, this is Northampton.. London is still about an hour away.." He said while staring at Grace and i through the mirror.

"Grace... did you seriously make us get off the wrong stop..?" I said beginning to get mad.

"Um.. I guess i did.." She said embarrassed.

"Im sorry sir. Can you pop the trunk so we get our bags?" I asked while opening my door and beginning to make my way out of the cab.

"You girls need to get to London?" He asked completely ignoring my request. 

"Yes. We are going to see the One Direction concert!" Grace answered for the both of us.

"I could drive you girls there and give you a good price." He said.

Grace began to open her big mouth again before i covered her mouth with my hand.

"Thats alright but we can handle ourselves if you can please open the truck we'll get on our way." I said as i pulled Grace out of the cab.

The driver after what seemed like 5 minutes opened up the trunk for us. I grabbed out the bags and began to wheel mine back towards the train station as i heard Grace thank the driver before closing the trunk and hurrying up to catch up with me.







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