Finally Found You

Best friends as children only to be broken up and split apart. This was tough for Mia, the only thing tougher then losing your best friend is re connecting after some time. Because thats when you see the changes and learn all the secrets they've been keeping from you, their families, the world and surprisingly themselves as well.


1. CHAPTER 1-Alone again


"Your my best friend Mia. I love you... No matter where you go or where I go, no matter where we end up, I'll always be in here." His soft voice so sweet as usual, as he points to my heart. 

"Harold you know I love you too. But I can't believe your leaving..." I say already feeling the tears forming in my eyes but i found the strength to continue as this could be the last time i might be seeng him... 

"You said we wouldn't go a day without each other... I.. I.. You can't go..." I say before I break down. He pulls me into an embrace.

"Don't cry love. You know we'll meet again in the future.. We're never to far away... Just remember I'll always be looking after you, even if it seems like I'm not, I'm here you just have to look hard enough." His voice, his hug, calming me, comforting me. I never wanted this moment to end.

"Harold hurry up you'll miss your train if you don't get in the taxi right now!" I heard them say, breaking my heart even more than before..
"Mia, remember, we're never to far away.. " he kissed my forehead and turn to leave. I watch how he stuttered in his walk. He had always done that when he was nervous. He was just about to get into the taxi before he turned around and started running back in my direction. As he reached me I noticed his right hand in a fist. He took my left hand and put something in it.
"I love you.." Was all he said. His last words to me. I studied his figure walking away, a figure that will soon just be a memory... I couldn't control my tears... They kept on falling I watched the figure get into the taxi. Those brown fluffy curls... I would always play with them when he sat me in his lap. He never let anybody else but me. He turned his head, and even through the blurry window of the car I could still see those dimples as he smiled... That smile I wish I have everyday forever.... As the taxi drove off I looked down at my hand to see what he had put inside. I saw a chain with a heart on it. It had words written on the back but I couldn't make out what it said through my tears.

"Alright Mia get inside or you'll be locked out for the night. I know so sad boo hoo get inside sissy. Dinner is severed maybe you'll get someone if your lucky." She laughed. 

"Sorry master Julie.." I hurried back to 'my' room. The first thing I did was rush to the bathroom and put the necklace on. If I left it in the open It would get stolen. I wiped my tears and put on a fresh shirt. Yet around here fresh meant two to three days without being washed.

I walked back into 'my' room and noticed how dirty it was. I cleaned up my half and left Sara's half the way it was. I hurried down stairs and walked into the dinner room. There was food flying like usual and barely any left. Kids fighting each other for a piece of bread. This surely was the worst place to live. But hey, sometimes we don't chose how life ends up. Sara rushed over to me and handed me a plate.

"Hurry upstairs now. Tell me what happened." She said excited but still sympathetic at the same time. We rushed up to our room and locked the door. We hopped on our bed and started eating. We did this everyday to stay away from the craziness. Sara was one of my friends here. She was patient and kind while still being greedy when she needed to be. Well when you get stuck in a place like you learn to get by. I finished eating before her like usual. I took a deep before starting.

I told her everything. Then I showed her my necklace. "Aww Mi it's beautiful."

My name as short as it is she still manages to find a nickname for it. "Thanks Sara. I just needed more time. You know I don't know what I'll do without him." 

"Mi we're just ten. I know no one can prepare themselves for that but one day it could be you leaving. How happy would you be? To leave this place... To have a family....." Sara said. We both sat in quiet before I spoke.

"My family won't be complete without him... Your like a sister too, don't get me wrong but I've known him longer. We grew up together here. He knew everything and now he's gone like the wind." I said looking towards the ground. Tears falling from my eyes.

"Come here Mia. Be strong for him. He wouldn't want you to cry. Now get ready for bed . There's school tomorrow. Goodnight." 

"Night." I said before I drifted off into a unconscious sleep. Knowing I would dream about him.

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