Cant let her go

*3rd book in the dont let me go series* Leah Tomlinson killed herself. Louis Never woke up. George Grew up without a mum. But what if this never happened? What if this was a dream, a fragment of Louis imagination. What if Louis woke up from his coma when Leah introduced him to George. He will do anything to protect his daughter from hate. To make sure she never feels that way again...


3. believe? in me?

hey guys this isn't an update but I would appreciate if you read it. I wrote a new book for a contest its called 'believe? in me?' I would really appreciate it if you read it and maybe liked it..... to win the contest it needs to be in the 10 most liked books for the judges to read it. its some poems I wrote and a song I wrote about self belief. If you could read it for me and like it that would be amazing. I love writing for you guys on here and to win a contest for it would just be amazing! I love you guys and I hope you read the book xxxxx

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