This is my first ever entry for a competition and it is "Self Belief". These words and chapters that I will post will come from a diary that I have always kept close to my heart since I have always been scared to share my story, well I hope you enjoy it anyway :) Fan, like and comment if you want and goodluck to everyone! <3


1. February 31 2012

Its a new day and I still remember entering the foreign grounds. The kids chucked glances whilst others ignore as I made my way to my first class. Keeping close to the left side of the hall way, I struggled against the oncoming crowd of juniors and seniors.

The bell rang

I hurried to class and found the room. F6 was my first class and it was food technology. Walking inside awkwardly I noticed everyone chatting happily until they saw me. They all stopped and stared. As I crossed the room and stood at the front I could now see that all the attention was on me. One of the boys at the back squinted his eyes at me and broke the silence with the word "herro". The teacher entered the classroom right after and everyone began to chat normally again. For everyone that moment may have seemed like a minute but to me it was an eternity. As the teacher came up to me and smiled while shaking my hand, she introduced herself. Her names was Mrs Heath. Writing my name on the board she introduced me to the class and asked for an introduction. The class was silent. Waiting for a noise. A sound. Something to laugh at later on. I introduced myself by saying "My name is Alice Vice and I am looking forward to this year". The same boy snickered. The class sat me down at the front besides a blonde girl. She looked at me sideways and huffed before tossing her hair. We were learning how to cook yea cake and I looked intently at the teacher as she explained how to set the oven and what degree to put it up to. Later on I had to get teamed up with the girl next to me. I found out that her name was also Lucy and before I could say anything she told me to let her do all the work. Looking at Lucy I told her I could help out as well. She gave me the look. You know that look you give people when you think they said something as astounding like the world was flat or that they were growing carrots in their pants? Well that's the look she gave me. I stopped smiling. I stopped pretending. The same thing was going to happen. Pushing through to the oven I set it on. I got a glare thrown at me but I ignored it. As I was walking towards the sink Lucy turned it on and "accidentally" splashed me. I ignored it. Walking up to the bench I grabbed the first egg and began to break it. I received a gush of flour hitting me in the back. I clenched the egg harder and harder before setting it down. I looked around and saw the boy from before. He mused "sorry" with a pathetic tone before snickering at me. I looked across the classroom and saw that the teacher was busy. I turned slowly and began cracking the eggs again.

Class ended and I went to sickbay saying that I had a headache. No one questioned me since I was new so they told me to take it easy as I walked into the room. This was my fourth school now. I had left from place to place just to try and avoid bullying. People teased me because I was asian, the name I had, the color of my hair, the size of my eyes, the tone of my voice. This was the fourth school and something about this school was different. Normally the spitting and snarling began later on but today it had started just like that.

"I pray that I may find strength to withdraw myself from reacting and make myself pleasant towards other."

My mother told me to repeat that. She hated me. Well she still does but can I help it? She hates me because I look just like dad. My mum is English and my dad is Chinese. Im hating school already and don't want to write that much just in case I end up getting sad.

Yours truly, Alice Vice :)

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