The Styles Triplets

"Erin! Wake up!! C'mon please.. please wake up" I almost shouted at her while I cried. I just can't lose her again, I love her too much. "Please Erin.. Wake up, you have to live through this, please."


18. Nothing

Harry's P.O.V.~


I ran into the hospital and rushed to the front desk. The lady at the front desk looked at me puzzled.

"May I help you?" She asked.

"Yes, uh- which room is Erin Williams in?"

"Room 206, if you just go up those stairs it should be the third door on your right."

"Ok thank you."

I grabbed my mum's hand and ran up the stairs pulling her behind me. I was determined to find Erin and see if she is still alive. I got to the door and felt a tear fall down my cheek. I opened the door softly and saw 1 doctor and a nurse standing by her bed.

"Is she alright?" My mum said from behind me.

"I'm afraid to say, but-"

"NO! SHE CAN'T BE DEAD! NO! DON'T YOU SAY THAT SHE'S DEAD!" I screamed and fell to the floor crying while I herd my mum apologizing for my behavior.

"She's in a coma.." The nurse said. "And we don't know when she will wake up; could be up to a month, hopefully no longer." The nurse added.

The room was silent for a few minutes until the doctor spoke up.

"Ms. Angie and I will give you some alone time with the patient." He said as they left the room.

I picked myself up off of the floor and walked over to Erin. I held her hand and studied her wrists. Nothing. I looked at her other arm. Nothing. How did she attempt suicide then? More importantly.. why?













Sorry for this short chapter, but if I didn't end the chapter there then I wouldn't know what to do for the next one and this one would have ended up being too long lol. Well I have to go to sleep for school tomorrow (ugh) so bye guys! Love youuuu xx. (:

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