Married At 18

Niall and Mykenzi go to a party and meet.Then they get together and go on lots of dates. Then they decide to get married adopt 6 kids and go to Disney World. ,and have the craziest life a teen could ever have.


2. The Party

Mykenzi's POV

I got in the car ,and drove to the party. I got to the party and their was a hansom blonde with sparkling blue eyes. I went up by the punch stand where he was ,and he said let me get that for you. I just stood there and smiled ,and he smiled back. Then he gave me my punch ,and said Hi I'm Niall and you are? I'm Mykenzi I said.

Niall's POV

Do you wanna dance? I asked.

Sure! She replied.

So I took her hand ,and a slow song came on.

(could this be the best night of my life I thought to myself as the slow song began to play)

So Mykenzi do you maybe wanna go out sometime I asked.

Sure she replied when and where?

Tomorrow at 7:00 at a fancy restaurant

Okay she said as she gave me her address ,and then she said it's a date.


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