If You Only Knew

Grace Daniels. 16, has to move halfway around the world to Australia for a promotion her mother recieved. In doing this, she left behind her friends, her relatives and even her country. In Australia, she becomes close with Luke Hemmings just weeks before 5 Seconds of Summer is discovered by Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. Eventually, Grace learns who she is really meant to be with and she's glad to have him.


3. Try Hard

I woke up the next morning on time, ate breakfast, got dressed, and dreaded going to school. This would mean people would ask what happened to Jared and I'd have to explain. 
Luke pulled up and I got in his car, then he looked at me with a shocked expression on his face. 
"Did Jared... Sleep here???" 
"No, Luke, don't worry, he didn't!!!" I giggled. Being with Luke always seemed to put me in a better mood. 
"Well.. Why is his car here?" 
I explained everything, in detail, so Luke could laugh about the movie and Jared's fake "macho man" act.
"Oh. Is Jared okay?" 
"Yeah, he seemed fine. I just don't want to deal with telling people what happened at school today."
Luke laughed. "Well, that's going to suck for you, you'll have to tell everybody that cares!!!"
We drove to school, laughing and talking as usual, but then Luke started getting serious. 
"So really, tonight are you going to hang with us or go see Jared at the hospital? I mean, I'll understand if you want to see Ja-"
I cut him off. "Luke, I promised I would be there for you, I said I wouldn't miss it for the world. Haha I don't really want to see Jared anyway, I don't know if I like him in that way." 
"Thank God." Luke commented. 
"Haha why do you say that?"
Luke's face reddened as he explained, "I just mean that um... Thank God you'll be coming, we all need help with our outfits very badly."
I smiled. "That's what I'm here for, right? I am your stylist!"
We pulled into the school and walked in. The entire day, all I heard were questions about Jared. At least people were learning my name. I acted nice and made a few friends, although, I really wanted to get home and go watch 5 Seconds of Summer's gig.
Finally, school let out and I burst out of the doors, sprinting to Luke's car. Minutes later, Luke came out and laughed. 
"Couldn't wait to get out of there, could ya?"
I shook my head and jumped into the passenger seat. We drove straight to Luke's house, excited about tonight's concert. I helped Luke get ready, picking out his outfit and styling his hair and even covering up the pimple on his forehead. Luke checked himself out in the mirror and commented, "I look hot!" 
"Yeah you do!" I agreed. 
Luke giggled. "What?" 
Upon realizing what I just said, I tried to cover it up. "Well, I mean, you look very attractive, I'm sure other girls will want you!" 
"Who wouldn't want all of this?" Luke waved his hands up and down over his body to emphasize the fact that he was, indeed, sexy. 
Liz walked in and said "Wow, you're doing a great job with Luke! He looks so nice!!!" 
"Thanks, I try!" I smiled.
"Do you want a snack?" Liz asked.
"Yes, I'm starving!" Luke exclaimed, rubbing his stomach. 
Moments later, Liz came out with a plate of frosted animal crackers and two glasses of milk. 
"Thank you, I love you!" Luke kissed his mother's cheek. 
"Thank you so much!" I began eating the animal crackers, the frosted ones were my favorite. After we finished our snack, Luke got up, pulled me up and said, "We've got to roll, mum!" He kissed her cheek, I hugged her, and we walked out to Luke's car.
He turned up the radio, getting pumped up for the show. We sang along, looking at each other and laughing and even dancing a bit, well, dancing as much as the car would allow. 
Luke's POV
Grace looked so alive and free, singing at the top of her lungs with the wind blowing through her hair, she seemed so... Irresistible. I want her so much, if she only knew. When I pulled up into Calum's driveway, I felt a little upset that I couldn't just have a good time with her all night. But I still felt excited about the show, so I got out and walked into Calum's house. Grace got right to work, styling their hair and picking out suitable outfits. 
"You ready mate?" I asked Michael as Grace spiked his hair. 
"I'm excited! You know!" Michael moved his fingers as if he was playing a guitar. 
"Yep, I totally understand. Hey, I'll be right back." 
I walked to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. How could I get it across to Grace that I liked her. Then it came to me. 
"Oh my God," I whispered under my breath. 
I came out and the lads looked great. 
Calum joked, "I'm feeling famous already, I'm a changed man. I mean, I have a stylist! I'll never be the same." 
"Oh really now?" Ashton rubbed Calum's head, messing up his hair. 
I laughed, "You messed up Grace's work!"
"Oh, that's okay, I think it looks cuter and more natural now!" Grace smiled.
That comment struck me hard. Did Grace think Calum was cute? What if she liked Calum? My chances with her would be slim, I'm not nearly as cool as Calum. I cleared my thoughts. 
"Ready to go?" I asked. I always liked being ahead of schedule. 
"I was born ready," Michael commented, walking out to the van. The van was how we transported our instruments from place to place. Ashton climbed into the driver's seat and Grace, Michael, Calum and I climbed into the back. 
"Hey now!" Ashton got our attention, "Who's going to sit in the passenger seat? Or will I look like a pedophile driving a large white van?" 
"I'll come sit with you!" Grace offered. She slid into the passenger seat and my thoughts started all over again. What if she liked Ashton? He's so cute with his dimples and the way he talked was cute too, I could never compare with that. After 20 minutes or so of driving, we arrived at the restaurant where we were performing that night. We began unloading our instruments and pulling them inside. Grace somehow got stuck helping Ashton with the drum set and it made me giggle a bit to watch her struggle to keep it up. 
"Do you want help with that?" Michael asked her.
"No thank you, I've got it!" Grace refused to take help from anyone. I should have offered to help at least, I would have sounded manly. As soon as all the equipment was set up and the instruments were in place, we all sat down at a table and ordered a few drinks. We relaxed, sipping our sodas. Half an hour until show time. People began filing into the restaurant and a few groups ordered dinner, but most of them just sat down and ordered drinks, waiting for us to start playing. Grace sat in the front row, looking excited to watch us play. We walked out and I grabbed my mic, ready to perform. "We're 5 Seconds of Summer and well... Enjoy!" 
The third song we did was "Try Hard". I got really into that song, just singing and loving it. When it came time, I looked Grace in the eyes and sang, "But now, who knew?
She's in the crowd of my show
Nothing to lose,
She's standing right in the front row
The perfect view,
She came alone on her own,
And there's something that you should know
You're so out of reach, and I'm finding it hard
'Cause you make me feel, you make me feel,
Yeah she makes me feel, she makes me feel"
Throughout that entire part I felt connected with her. She was smiling that beautiful smile and she just had the cutest expression on her face. I wonder if she felt awkward.
Grace's POV
When Luke sang that part in "Try Hard", it felt like he was singing to me. If only he was. I would love that. I seriously need to stop thinking about Luke liking me, it will never happen and it would ruin our friendship anyway. I watched the rest of the show and as soon as they finished, I jumped up on stage and went to hug Luke. Instead of just hugging me, he picked me up as twirled me around while hugging me. A brunette girl with stunning blue eyes screamed, "I love you Ashton!" And waved her hands so he'd notice her. Ashton looked at us with a look that said, "See? I'm hot shit." Luke, Ashton and I all went down to meet her, seeing how it wouldn't do any harm. 
"Hi, I'm Ashton!" He introduced himself. 
"I know!" The girl said. "My name's Felicity, but you can call me City!" 
"I love the nickname, it's unique! And I truly admire your red tips." Ashton complimented the red-dye tips in her hair. 
"I'm Luke," Luke shook her hand.
"And I'm Grace!" I introduced myself.
"Are you like, Luke's girlfriend?" Felicity asked.
"Haha no, I'm his really good friend and I'm 5 Seconds of Summer's stylist. I do their hair and choose their outfits." I explained.
"Oh," she smiled, "well maybe we'll get to know each other!" 
Ashton nodded his head at Luke and I, signaling that we should leave him alone with Felicity. Luke and I walked away and sat down at a table.
"I feel like I really did great for that show!" Luke gulped down a water bottle.
"You really did. Everything was on key and perfect. All of you did great, one of the best performances I've seen yet!" 
"Thanks mate!" Calum said, coming up from behind us, Michael at his side.
Michael hugged me. "You're so kind, why weren't you out stylist sooner?" 
"Well, it seemed like a bit of a challenge to help you style your hair and pick out your outfits from the United States so I had to wait until I arrived here!" I joked.
I looked over at Ashton. He was definitely flirting with Felicity and she was doing the same, they seemed to go well together. 
Ashton and Felicity walked over together minutes later.
"I think it's time to pack up and head home. City and I are gonna watch a movie." Ashton explained.
"Alrighty, lets get movin' lads!" Luke said. 
The restaurant owner came out just as we finished packing up the instruments and equipment and said, "If you ever want to play here again, we'd love to have you. You brought in a lot of business." 
"We'll definitely come back!" Calum promised. 
We all waved goodbye and climbed into the white van. This time, Felicity sat next to Ashton. We were all quiet, not exactly sure how to act around Felicity. She pointed out, "You guys are a lot quieter than I imagined you were."
"Well, you're new and we're not sure how to act around you, we don't want to scare you away!" Michael explained to her.
"I just like to laugh and have fun, you guys seem like those type of people!" City giggled.
"You got that right!" Luke smiled at her, making me feel a bit jealous. Felicity is gorgeous, what if Luke likes her? I began biting my nails.
"That's a bad habit, you know. I used to do that but then my mom put hot sauce on my fingertips so that I wouldn't bite and eventually, I stopped. Maybe you could do that!" Felicity suggested.
She seemed like a really nice person, I decided I liked her. But I hoped Luke wouldn't like her. Soon enough, we all began laughing and talking like normal. Once we arrived at Calum's house, Luke and I got out, gave our hugs and said our goodbyes, and we climbed into Luke's car. We were both tired so the car ride was pretty quiet. I rested my hand in the middle of the two seats, relaxing a bit after the long night. Luke grabbed my hand and our fingers locked. I didn't even say a word, or even look at him, yet I felt like I understood him more than ever. Our hands warm each other and Luke drove slowly home, not wanting to rush anything. I felt my eyelids become heavy and soon enough, I was asleep. 
Luke's POV
Grabbing Grace's hand was risky, but I felt a connection when our fingers locked. Now she's asleep, damn, she looks so adorable. I kept my eyes focused on the road, feeling sleepy myself. We had school tomorrow, I had to get her home and get enough rest myself. I pulled up into Grace's driveway and sat there for a moment, Grace's hand still locked with mine. I contemplated how to get her inside and finally decided on carrying her. I slipped my hand from her grasp and shut my car door slowly, not wanting to wake her. I opened her door, unbuckled her, and scooped her up bridal-style. After I shut the door, her eyes opened a bit and she smiled. She closed her eyes again and nuzzled her face into my chest. I swear, she's cuter than any puppy I've ever seen. I walked inside and there sat Mrs. Daniels, reading a book. She got up and whispered, "Is Grace alright?" 
"Yeah, she's fine," I assured her, "She's just really tired." 
"Oh, would you mind carrying her to her room?" 
"Not at all, I'd love to." I walked up the steps and walked into Grace's room. I gently lied her down on her bed and I decided to lay with her for a moment. My eyes began feeling heavy and before I knew it, I was out. 
Carolyn's (Mrs. Daniels) POV
Luke had been upstairs for a while and I started to worry. "Were he and Grace... No. No of course not, Luke is a good boy, he would do no harm." I thought to myself. I walked upstairs and into Grace's room and there lay Luke and Grace, fast asleep like angels. Two peas in a pod. They really would make a cute couple, if only they saw it. I realized Liz was probably worried and decided to call her. I walked downstairs and grabbed my phone and called her. 
"Hello?" She answered.
"Hi, it's Carolyn, Grace's mom?" 
"Oh yes, hi Carolyn! Have you seen my Lukey? I'm worried sick about him."
"Yah, Liz, that's why I'm calling. Grace had fallen asleep on the way home and your son, he's such a gentleman, he carried her to her room and he must've sat down because now he's fast asleep right beside her. This is the cutest thing I've ever seen, I wish you could see it."
"Thank God he's with you, and could you send me a picture? I just think he and Grace would make the perfect couple, but they both deny liking each other. I can see it in his eyes though, he likes her. A lot." Liz commented.
"Yeah, same with Grace. Her face turns tomato red though. And yeah, I'll send a picture." 
I walked upstairs and snapped a photo. 
"Hey Liz, can Luke just stay here tonight? They look too precious to disturb."
"Yeah, that's fine, Luke's got his books in the back of his car, he's ready for school tomorrow. When he wakes up, tell him I love him!" Liz laughed. 
"I definitely will. Goodnight Liz!" I hung up and sent the picture. Liz responded with a simple "Aww" and I got ready for bed. 
Grace's POV
I woke up to find Luke laying in my bed, sleeping soundly. He certainly had an adorable face when he slept. I looked outside as there sat Luke's black Cadillac Escalade in the driveway. Jared's car was also there, I really needed to return that to Jared's house. Luke woke up only minutes later and he sat up with the most confused look ever on his face. 
"Why... Why am I here?" He asked. 
"I know as much as you do. You probably fell asleep. But why are you in my room? We didn't..." I tried to recall everything that happened last night. "No of course we didn't!" I assured Luke. He smiled. "I carried you up to your bed because you fell asleep on the way home." 
"That's so sweet of you. Thank you!" I gave Luke a hug and asked, "So do you want breakfast?"
"Yeah, I'm starved!" Luke exclaimed. 
"Last one downstairs is a rotten egg!" I declared. With that, we both rushed out of my room, giggling and smiling and running down the stairs, trying to reach the bottom. Slightly behind Luke, I squeezed past him, trying to get ahead. In doing this, I tripped Luke and his arm caught my back, taking me down with him. We both fell to the bottom, laying on our backs and laughing up a storm. My mother walked out seconds later and said, "It's still early in the morning." 
"Sorry Mrs. Daniels. We didn't mean to be so rambunctious." Luke apologized. 
"Oh Luke, sweety, it's okay! And I talked to your mom last night, she wanted me to tell you that she loves you." My mom informed him.
Luke pulled out his phone and went straight to Instagram, his latest addiction. He scrolled through his news feed and after a minute, he showed me what Ashton had posted. There were at least 10 pictures of him and Felicity laughing and hugging and doing silly things. But then one my mom posted caught my eye. 
"Hey that's us!" Luke exclaimed.
"Mom, why did you post this?" I inquired, curious to know why she would post that. 
"You two are like peas in a pod, so cute, I just had to post it!" She responded. 
"I like it!" Luke smiled and with that, he reposted it. 
••• In school•••
I was walking through the hall when I felt someone grasp my wrist. I turned around to see the blonde girl I was extremely jealous of a day earlier. 
"Hi, my name is Carrie." She said. She seemed very short with me.
"Hi, I'm Grace!" I smiled, not showing any teeth. 
"Um, so, I saw that picture Luke posted on Instagram. It's... Cute."
"Um thanks we fell asleep and my mom took it, I wasn't trying to be cu-" 
She cut me off. "Yeah, well, Luke is mine. Okay? You can't have him and you're definitely not competition with me. I mean, I'm gorgeous, and you're just kind of... Here. But still, back off. Got it?" 
"Um, Carrie, you seem very nice but you don't understand, Luke and I are just friends." I wanted to tell her how I felt about Luke so she'd shut up, but there was no way I'd tell her first. 
"You're just friends? Really?" Her face looked hopeful. 
"Yes, I'm sure!" I assured her.
"Oh thank God!" She hugged me. "Friends?" She asked.
"Um, sure." I nodded my head. 
"Great! See you later pal!" She bounced away, looking lighter than air.
I found Luke and thought, "I'll  cling to him all day." 
I got into first hour with Luke by my side and surely enough, Carrie walked up and started flirting with Luke. "Did you do something different with you hair?" She asked, batting her eyes like, a million times.
"Um, yeah, actually, Grace did it. She's my stylist! Well, our stylist." 
"Who is "our"?" She asked.
"Oh, my band. 5 Seconds of Summer."
"Being in a band is so hot!" 
Luke stood there, expressionless. "Um, yeah, it's cool I guess. Hey, I'm going to go over here, talk to you later." 
"Okay Lukey!!" She giggled and sat down.
I walked away with Luke and whispered, "She seems interested in you." 
Luke stuck his tongue out in disgust. "She's not my type." 
I smiled, trying to hide how happy I really was. 
"But she's gorgeous!" I told him.
"Eh, she's okay!" Luke laughed, "If you think she's so pretty, you go date her!" 
I waved my hands. "No thanks!!!" 
School seemed to be getting easier as I got more in the groove of things, and I started fitting in more and more. 

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