Ultimate [Harry Styles]

Seventeen year old Rachel goes to London with her Uncle on a business trip for a month. Mainly because she's always wanted to go to the beautiful city. Also for experience in the business world since she'll be graduating. But maybe also to meet a guy. She gets to stay in a massive hotel suite with her Uncle, what if she runs down to a small grocery store by the hotel to get some goodies for her Uncle and herself when she runs into someone.
Harry Styles is one of the five boys in the biggest boy band in the world. The boys haven't had a summer off in three years, due to touring. So management decided to give the boys three months off to relax. How is he going to enjoy that time off? Read this love story to find out! .xx


11. Chapter 11 - Anything Could Happen

Rachel's POV

For the rest of the weekend, I met up with Summer and Riley again.  We went shopping and we ended up crashing at Summer's apartment one night.  

Harry and I didn't see much of each other, but we texted each other constantly.  He said he was going out with the boys and complained to me the entire time that he'd have more fun if I was there.  I told him to suck it up.

It's now Monday morning and here I am getting up at 5 in the morning to go to work with Gary.  I text Harry just to piss him off since he always texts me really early when I'm not working.

Rachel - HAhaah HEY BABY! Just so you know, it's 5 in the morning:) 

Harry - Thanks for the update.

Rachel - Anytime ;)

Harry - Hah. Have fun at work.

Rachel - At least I'm not in a boy band.

Harry - You're cruel. Now go take a shower and go to work so I can sleep until 11.

Rachel - I'm going to text you every 10 minutes.

Harry - I'll turn my phone off.

Rachel - Bitter.

Harry - Incorrect, just tired. I'll text you later .x

Rachel - Fine. 

After my shower, I change into a light pink skirt with white polka dots and a brown braided belt.  I put on a white tank top, then a Lacy, sort of netted, shirt with the sleeves rolled.  My hair is curled and pinned so it's all to the side.  I pair my outfit with some brown leather heels and grab my small handbag with my phone and some emergency makeup in it.  I also grab my bag with all my sheets and books for work.  Damn I feel so official with my work papers.

Gary and I have to be at the place at 7, since he's the instructor, and the class starts at 8.

Since I have an hour to spend until the class starts I sit in my little assistant desk.  They got me a desk my first day here!  It sits off to the left of my Uncles, in the corner of the room, and I love it.  I also got a spinney chair that's unbelievably comfy.  

I sit down in my chair and pull out a novel I brought from home to pass the time.  I love to read, it's like a movie in your head, but you can back the characters look however you please.  When I was younger I would hate to read, but now I love it.

Once about 10 minutes in my phone buzzes signaling I have a text.  I see its from Harry, why is he up?

Harry - I can't sleep.

Rachel - Did I keep you awake? I'm so sorry!

Harry - No no, you're fine, I fell back asleep after I was texting you but a few minutes ago my Mom's bloody cat decided it'd be cool to come into my room and lick my fucking face until I woke up. 

Rachel - Hahah! That's what you get for sleeping at your Moms.

Harry - Not helping.  But then I kicked the cat out of my room and wiped my face off and now I can't sleep:(

Rachel - Then just get up, it's almost 7:30, don't you usually get up at this time?

Harry - No, just to wake you up, or get ready to hang out with you. But you're at work so I have no purpose.

Rachel - Oh I see.  You have no life beyond me and a boyband?

Harry - Exactly. You really hit that one right on the nail Rach.

This sarcastic bastard. 

Rachel - Yeah I'm really smart.

Harry - Didn't you run into a sign the other day?

How the fuck does he know?  I was with Summer and Riley, one of those sluts must have told him.  Wait.  Do they talk to him about me?  They probably just sit and make fun of me. 

Rachel - Nope. You must me thinking of another person.

I'm not letting him know, he'll think I'm retarded.

Harry - Are you sure? I'm pretty sure it was you.

Rachel - I'm pretty sure you're wrong.

Why don't I just tell him?  I guess I just don't want him to think I'm stupid.  But why would I care what Harry thinks of me?  I don't know maybe I fancy him a bit... like they way he flirts with me all the time and how he acts like he's known me his entire life and how he'll call me nicknames and tease me and charm my friends.  Okay maybe I like him a little.  I just don't want to start liking him even more and then at the end of the month everything ends.  I just don't want to leave heart broken.  And right now I feel like he will stay in contact with me and come visit me after I leave, but I don't know.  Anything could happen.

 Harry - Okay whatever.

Rachel - Did you know my birthday is in two weeks.

Harry - What? Really?

Rachel - Yeah, so today's the 10th, and mine the 23rd.

Harry - Awesome! We'll have to do something special then;)

Rachel - I'm not gunna sleep with you.

He take a few minutes to reply, probably pouting, or celebrating.

Harry - Why not?

Rachel - Because I said so.

Good excuse Rachel.

Harry - :(

Rachel - I have to go, class is starting! Text me later .x

Harry - Will do.  Don't have too much fun without me! .xx

I smirk at his reply.  I doubt it, all I do is pass out papers and booklets to the people taking the class, or pull up PowerPoint presentations Gary makes.

I've actually made friends with two girls in the class.  They're in their mid-twenties, Cher and Jade.  They're both so pretty and smart.  So I guess they're my work friends.

The other women in the class are much older.  Now the guys, damn.  There's lots of older men, then there's about three younger ones who basically eye-rape me all day.  Some of the older guys do it too but I choose to forget that.  When I met Jade and Cher, I also met Ian, James, and Edward.

Now trust me, these boys are hot.  I've made so many attractive friends here.  Ian is dark, swarthy, and very cheeky.  His light blue eyes contrast majorly to his almost black hair.  He always has a smirk across his face.

James is lighter, nicer.  Less of an asshole than Ian.  James has light brown hair that he usually quiffs or swipes to the side, and light blue eyes.  He has a brilliant body, just as Ian and Edward do.

Edward is also a cheeky bastard.  He always has a beautiful grin on his face.  He's usually flirting with either Cher, Jade or me.  He has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair that's always quiffed.

I need to stop meeting so many attractive guys with accents before I die.

After my friend's class in the morning we have a lunch break and this time they invited me to go to lunch with them. 

We all decided on pizza and went to a nearby restaurant.   I end up sitting inbetween Ian and James in the corner booth.  We order two large pizzas to split inbetween the 6 of us.  Throughout lunch the boys would shamelessly flirt with us.  Ian would steal a piece of pepperoni off my plate or take a bite out of one of my pieces.  I think he likes me, because he doesn't show the other girls as much attention as he shows me,  I don't know, I kinda like it.  I mean he's really hot, but he's 23.  That's about a 5 year gap, not too big.  But what about Harry?  I thought I was developing feelings for him.  But wouldn't it be easier to date Ian?  He's not famous, and I wouldn't have to worry about press and angry fans.  But Harry's so perfect.. well so is Ian.  I don't know.

When we're done eating Ian gives me a ride back to work.  We casually talk on the way back and he walks me to the lobby.

"So.. Uhm, Can I get your number?" Ian asks.

"Haha Yeah sure." I agree handing him my phone.

I type my name and number into his iPhone 5 and hand it back to him.

"Thanks babe." He says and pulls me into a hug.  I hug him back and he places a gentle kiss on my cheek before leaving.

His lips are soft and warm on my cheek but I'm not getting the fireworks I got with Harry.  That one kiss with Harry I had was so perfect.  Like we were the only two in the world.

I shake my head, getting rid of my thoughts.  I literally shook my head.  I'm going mental.

The rest of the day was boring as shit.  My thought being corrupted with Ian and Harry.

Harry texts me directly at 5:00 when I get off.  He asks if Gary and I want to have dinner at Anne's house.  I ask Gary and he's game, so I text Harry back and he says to come in an hour.

When we get back to the hotel I shrug my heels off and lay on my bed.  I pull the bobby pins out of my hair, I think I'll wear it down and curly to Anne's house.  I check my phone and see that Ian texted me.

Ian - Hey beautiful;)

Rachel - Hello.

Just a simple reply really.

Ian - What are you doing tonight? 

Rachel - Going to Harry's house, You?

Was that rough?  I was basically like, Not doing anything with you.  I'm such a bitch.

Ian - Oh, idk.  I'll probably hang out with James and Ed.

Rachel - Cool:)

Ian - Yeah, they're some interesting guys, haha.

Rachel - Yeah really, haha. Well I have to go, Harry's requesting my presence. haha Byeee! .x

Ian - Oh alright. Bye. xx

I am a bitch.  Oh well.

I arrive at Anne's with some drinks since I felt bad coming empty handed.  I texted Harry that I'm bringing them so they don;t have to worry about it.  I also bought cookie dough because that's what started this entire thing and cookies are delicious.

After dinner, Anne, Robin and Gary are still sitting at the table talking and Harry and I are making cookies.  Once they're in the oven we go watch tv.  He's sitting and I'm laying with my head in his lap.

When the timer goes off Anne yells that she'll take them out.  After a bit the three of them walk in.

"Awe look at these two." Anne says causing us to divert our attention from the tv to her.

I try to hide a blush while Harry smirks.  I need to control myself.

After eating cookies and chatting it's about 9:30 and Gary and I get up to leave.

"Well we have to get up for work." Gary says standing up and saying farewell to Anne and Robin.   

"Ugh, fine." I say getting up and grabbing my bag.

Harry gets up to hug me, Picking me up and spinning me around.  Me frantically trying to keep my skirt down. 

"I'll see you tomorrow, yeah?" He asks, eyes bright.

"Of course." I say kissing his cheek.

I hug Anne and Robin goodbye.  Anne squeezing me really tight.  Jesus,



So I updated because I was fucking bored.

Sorry if it sucks. I'm going to keep writing so maybe you'll get a double update? 

Probably not.

I have to run tomorrow:( 

Anyways, thanks for reading:) I love you!




Whatever, byeeeeee .xx




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