Hidden Bright Side {Liam Payne}

Liam was the most popular kid in school, as well as the meanest. When he is hit with the reality stick, he decides to change his ways and become a.. Er- Geek. Things take a bad turn for him and he becomes the most bullied kid in school. Will he survive his new life or will he go back to the old ?


13. New Image

I picked up the rest of my pencils off the ground, getting ready for the next school day. I never found out what Liam wanted to ask before. I guess the question about Archades was it. There was so much more I wanted to ask him, but would he even show up today?


I put the pencils in the side pocket of my backpack before walking out the door. I looked at the house next door to mine's, Liam's. His blinds were still closed, telling me he was still asleep. I let out a sigh and started trekking down to school. I wished Archades had lived closer to my house so I would have someone to walk to school with. Lately, I've been replacing that feeling with Liam.


I guess being alone with my music would have to do for now. It has for the last two years or so. After playing three or four All Tine Low songs, I found myself at the front of the school.


"Same old school, same old boyfriend, same boring life." I sighed again, putting on a fake smile before walking into the school. I turned the corner to my first period class and found a smiling Archades waving at me.


"I saved you a seat today." He gestured at the seat next to him.


"Thanks Archades." I smiled back at him, glancing around the classroom to see if Liam had shone up.


"Aren't you glad you get to sit with me today?"


I laughed at his eagerness. "Of course. It's so much better than sitting with the many strangers in this class." I sarcastically stated.


I kinda did like sitting with strangers. It gave me a chance to see what went on in their heads and what their perspective on things were. Maybe if I were better at talking to people now, I wouldn't have to stare at their artwork. I could just get up and ask them about it. Liam probably took my courage when he decided to change.


Before the late bell could finish ringing, a slightly familiar face walked into the room, taking a seat across from Archades and I.




"Hey Liam." I continued looking down at my assignment after hearing a ruffle at the seat next to mines. After a while he still didn't respond. "Liam?"  I looked up to find a complete stranger. "Um, sorry. I don't think you can sit there." I said, trying to point out that it was Liam's seat. 


The boy grimaced at me. "Genevieve. Just get out of my face." 


I hadn't realized it was Liam until I looked deeply into his eyes. Everything about his was changed. His wardrobe, his hair, even his backpack. The smile of his was missing too. His eyes hadn't completely grown dull yet at the time. 


"What happened to you Liam? Did you get jumped or something?" 


"No Genevieve. If you don't mind, I like dressing like this. If you have a problem, you can just leave."


"Oh.. Ok. I didn't mean to offend you. I kinda actually like it. Um.. Well I actually had something to ask you." I said, a bit shy. I don't think he had noticed because his face grew ever darker. 


"Well, you know what Genevieve. I'm really sick and tired of you. Why don't you just hop along to Archades and get out of my life." 


My heart broke. I could literally hear it snap. I was just about to pour my heart to him through words and art and he just snaps. 


"Ok, maybe I will. I don't know what the hell is wrong with you Liam, but I don't like it. Maybe we'll just forget about being friends, and maybe I'll just forget about my feelings for you." I grabbed the bathroom pass and raged out of the class. I was going to make my down to the bathroom and express my emotion with tears, but Archades caught me before I could. 


"Woah.. Woah. What's wrong Genny?" He gripped onto my arms, trying look at me. "Why are you crying?" 


I wiped my nose with my sleeve as he moved his hands from my arms to my face, staring at me deeply. 


"Liam's an ass hole." His expression was still sincere as he kept speaking.


"Do you want to talk about it?" 


I shook my head no. He held onto my hand and walked me back to art. He sat with me during the entire class, holding onto my hand and trying to keep me safe from whatever Liam's antics were. 


I could see Liam wasn't comfortable with Archades being there, but he shook off the idea. 


"Woah." The both of us said in unison. The ripped jeans were replaced with khaki pants. The white t-shirt and black leather vest was replaced with a blazer. Instead of contacts, he had on his raybans. 




"Yes Genevieve?" His voice was soft. It was like a completely different person, again. I felt the rush I had from when I had first seen him in the 'bad boy' get up. 


I was looking at the old Liam again. The smile hadn't fully come back yet, but neither had his hair. It was close to perfect.


"Liam, are you ok?" 


"Never been better." He smiled blindly. 


Archades and I both gave each other questioning looks as we continued to observe the re-transformed Liam Payne. 

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