Hidden Bright Side {Liam Payne}

Liam was the most popular kid in school, as well as the meanest. When he is hit with the reality stick, he decides to change his ways and become a.. Er- Geek. Things take a bad turn for him and he becomes the most bullied kid in school. Will he survive his new life or will he go back to the old ?


14. Hidden Thoughts

I avoided talking to both Archades and Liam for the day. I was way too confused for all of this. I had survived the first 3 periods without walking to either of them. However, it was that time of day where I would go into writing. I'm guessing Liam wouldn't be skipping class today. 


I walked straight down the hall, taking the long way to class instead today. When I walked into class, I was greeted by a seemingly upset Mr. Franchesco.


"Miss Walker, did you ever hand in your assignment yesterday? I was really looking forward to reading what you had to say."


"Indeed I did sir. I wonder what could have happened to it." 


"Well, I believe you Miss Walker. I did see you write yesterday. I won't mark it absent for now. Feel free to do a plus assignment or maybe even getting that Liam friend of yours to class. He's going to fail this class." 


As if on cue once again, Liam walked in right before the bell. 


"Sorry if I caused any trouble Mr. F. I found Genevieve's paper yesterday. I had to run to my locker to find it. Don't want her getting a zero." He smiled cheekily at the teacher, bowing his head. He handed Mr. F my paper before going to his spot. 


It was Thursday, so it was a free write day. I'm surprised he remembered. 


Mr. Franchesco looked at me oddly. "I'm starting to believe you are a witch, more and more every day Miss Walker." I laughed. 


"Mr. F, I can guarantee you I am no witch. However, the paper I wrote yesterday speaks of the pass, and I don't really know if it applies anymore. Feel free to read it though, and I thank you for the offer of extra points, but I'm ok. Give the extra points to Liam. He needs them more."


"Will do Miss Walker. You certainly are one of the most interesting student's I've met." 


"Thank you Mr. Franchesco." He smiled at me while handing me my writing book as well as Liam's. 


I walked over to Liam, finding him lying flat on his back, his eyes closed and his breathing steady. 




"Liam, what are you doing?" I asked, turning my head across the desk so that my head was upside down and my hair reached the ground. 


"Shhhh..." He held his finger on his lip, his eyes shut harder than before. 


"No Liam! You're not allowed to sleep! Wake up and write stupid stories with me!!" He opened his eyes to find me still upside down,  a smile peaking out of his mouth. 


"You're such a monkey Genevieve." 


I pulled my ears and puffed out my cheeks making a monkey face. He laughed at my shenanigans, finally getting up. He now sat crouched underneath the window sill. 


"So what do you think of today?" I asked him as we stopped our giggling. 


"I don't know. Everything is the same."


"No it's not Liammm! It's Valentine's Day! Be excited!! It's a Friday! We're going to the movies later!!! Be happy! Come on!" 


He pouted at me instead. "Nooo! No poutyness!" I rolled my eyes at him, climbing off the windowsill to take a seat next to him. 


He still had a sad look on his face. Taking advantage of the moment, I took his notebook to see what he was writing. 


"I have the most amazing girl wrapped up in my arms

I can't call her mine because that would be wrong

I love her and she loves me, so why can't we be?" 


That's all he had written about, but I guess it explains why he was so upset. I didn't realize it was for me until I didn't get a poem that day. I assumed that was what he had written for me that day, but couldn't because I had already read it. Either that, or he decided to play opposites and not give me a love poem on the day of love. 


The bell rang and his eyes were closed. He still looked sad. I placed the notebook on his lap, giving him a kiss on the cheek. A smile fluttered from his lips. I smiled back before getting up and running out of the class. 


He caught up with me while I was walking into English. 


"Hey Genevieve. Thanks for making me feel better. Quick question, instead of doing whatever we were suppose to, could we go out instead? You know like a normal thing?" 



He tried to hold my hand him. I allowed him, as I noticed Archades wasn't watching and let him escort me to my seat. I placed my bag down and turned to face Liam. 


"Um... I don't know Liam. I would like to hang out.. I guess. But we have to work on the project. We could hang out after we work on the project."


His face was gleeful. 


"That's perfectly fine! Great! I can't wait! Is it ok if I walk you home today?"


He was being way to friendly. Guess he's just making up for the last few years. It would take me a while to get out of the habit of watching from a far and actually interacting with the kid. 


"We'll be going the same way, so what the heck."


His smile had grown so wide that his eyes crinkled the cute way they did when he was overjoyed. 



I want to do some chapters with Liam's POV but I had intended on keeping this in just one POV. Maybe I should write a completely different Movella after I finish this one with just Liam's POV? Tell me what ya think! ~ Lanna xx

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