Hidden Bright Side {Liam Payne}

Liam was the most popular kid in school, as well as the meanest. When he is hit with the reality stick, he decides to change his ways and become a.. Er- Geek. Things take a bad turn for him and he becomes the most bullied kid in school. Will he survive his new life or will he go back to the old ?


18. Aftermath

Genny's POV


I looked down, realizing what he had meant. He had looked over at me the same time I saw him. I guess he had seen me laughing and holding hands with him. With a concerned look on his face, Liam back away from me a bit.


"Um.. Well. I asked you a question and I would like an answer." I replied to him, not really knowing how to answer his comeback.


He didn't answer me. He turned the other direction, facing the ticket booths ahead. As if I, his girlfriend, wasn't behind him, he reached out for the girl's hand. Turning back at me, he smirked at me.


"You and your freaking jealousy Arc. You know what, frick you. Frick you too, girl from our math class. Me and Liam are just friends and if you can't get over that than we're done... And also.."

Unsure of what to do, I did what my instincts first told me to do, and that was to kiss Liam, so I did, completely contradicting the 'just friends' line.


Pulling back off Liam for what seemed like 2 minutes, I took another good look at Archades before rampaging out of the movies, Liam following close behind.


With the open of the door, I felt a cold wind brush against me. I had only been inside the theater for about ten minutes and it was already dark outside, and very cold. I found Liam standing in front of me, and soon enough, I was wrapped around another one of his hoodies.


"Genevieve, talk to me." He said, after 10 minutes of silence. He had began getting cold himself. I didn't know whether to cry or to be happy I was free from the person who everyone disliked, including myself lately. I knew that if I opened my mouth though, I would probably start crying.


"Should we call your dad to pick us up?" I shook my head no. "Do you want to go the mall instead and get some frozen yogurt?" I shook my head yes.


Lucky for him, the mall wasn't so far away. He wouldn't freeze to death or get killed by the dark. He wrapped his left arm around my back, leading me off the parking lot and onto the side walk. It felt like one of those cliché movie endings where the boy and girl would walk off into the sunset, except, I knew that this wasn't the end, or the beginning. More of the sad part of the story in which afterwards, I might not find my happy ending. Especially not if I keep friend zoning Liam. 


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