One Direction Imagines and Preferences

Comment your name, hair color eye color, and boy. Tell me what you want to happen in yours. I don't do dirty ones.


2. Imagine 1


 "Come on! Just a little farther!" Harry told me, while leading me to our new house. I'm blindfolded right now. He doesn't want me to see anything. "And here it is!" He said, taking off my blindfold. My jaw dropped. "THIS IS FOR US!?" I asked him staring at the large 6 story mansion in front of me. This place is huge, and I mean HUGE! "So I'm guessing you like it..?" He asked. "Like it? I love it!" I said hugging him. "Just wait until you see the back yard." He stated, grabbing my hand and dragging me with him. We walked through the house and it was gorgeous! He took me to the back yard and my eyes widened. I saw a HUGE inground pool, a patio with a tv and a projector. "OMG! HARRY I LOVE IT!" I yelled running over to him. "And I love you." He told me before pressing his lips to mine.

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