It is Malfoys and Hermiones sixth year at Hogwarts. Malfoy has been asked to kill Dumbledore by the end of the year. During the year Malfoy realizes his love for Hermione Granger, but can he ever love a mudblood? Hermione feels the same way, but she knows if Harry and Ron find out she will loose her two best friends. Will they find a way to be together? Or will they never talk again..?


3. The start of year feast

"Shubbs, Archie" Professor Mcgonagoll read aloud, it was the sorting hat ceremony. So far Gryffindor had gained six new students. The hall was silent, waiting for the sorting hat to yell out a house.
"HUFFLEPUFF" The Hufflepuff table started clapping, welcoming their new member. The ceremony went on for another fifteen minuets. After it had finished Dumbledore stood at the front of the great hall. He was wearing his half moon spectacles as usual, and was wearing a long purple robe. 
"Welcome back to Hogwarts! And first years, welcome to Hogwarts! Now you are all settled let the feast begin!" Dumbledore turned and sat back down at the teachers table.

Plates started appearing up on the table, plates of chicken, plates of beef and pork, plates piled with potatoes, bread rolls, goblets full of pumpkin juice, anything you could imagine was appearing on the four tables, and all of the Hogwarts students had started to tuck in. The hall was full of chatter.
Hermione was listening to Ron telling Harry all about the sweet shop Fred and George had opened.
"They have all kind of stuff there, sadly they never let me get anything cheaper, you know you would of thought that, me being their brother and all, they would reduce the price, not put it up!"

Hermione looked up, she glanced over at the Slytherin table and saw Draco looking at her, puzzled Hermione looked away.

"Why are you staring at that table?" Pansy Parkinson was back again.
"What does it matter to you?" Draco was not in the mood for this.
"Its just, its them, you smiled at the mudblood, your staring at the table, Draco what is going on with you lately? Is it what the Dark Lord said to you?" 
Draco turned and looked at Pansy.
"Don't you dare mention that." Dracos voice was raising. Without warning Draco stood up and stormed out of the hall. Everyone went silent. 

"I'll handle this Professor" Snape said, "He is, of course, part of my house."
"Quite right indeed" Dumbledore said.
Snape got up and followed Malfoy out of the hall.
"Wonder whats with him?" Harry asked curiously "Malfoy is normally boasting about how well if Father is doing."
"Maybe thats it, maybe is father is doing bad at the ministry, and he cant tell anyone about his 'amazing father'" Ron sniggered.
"Or maybe, something else has happened, you two don't know everything! Now if you don't mind I'm going to bed." Hermione got up and walked out of the hall, luckily she wasn't the only one leaving.

On the way up to the Gryffindor common room, Hermione heard voices, she looked around the corner and saw Snape clutching Malfoy by his robes.

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