It is Malfoys and Hermiones sixth year at Hogwarts. Malfoy has been asked to kill Dumbledore by the end of the year. During the year Malfoy realizes his love for Hermione Granger, but can he ever love a mudblood? Hermione feels the same way, but she knows if Harry and Ron find out she will loose her two best friends. Will they find a way to be together? Or will they never talk again..?


7. The Party

The match between Gryffindor and Slytherin was about to start, Malfoy was ready to take Potter down. The whole Slytherin changing room was full of laughter, apparently Weasley was the keeper, they were going to win against Gryffindor, easily. It was time to go on pitch, time to take Potter down.

Hermione was sat in the stands next to Luna Lovegood and Lavender Brown. Luna was wearing a big lions hat to support Gryffindor, everyone around her was laughing but she didn't mind. Hermione was feeling happy, Harry had pretended to put the luck potion in Rons drink and he left with a smile on his face, she knew he was going to do great. Madam Hooch blew her whistle and the game started. She saw Ron looking happy with himself as he hit a chaser away. Next to her Lavender was screaming to Ron, she couldn't help but feel hate for her. Ron looked their way and lost his balance on his broom. All of the Slytherins where laughing, Hermione quickly flicked her wand which helped Ron get his balance this made all the Slytherins boo and hiss. Hermione couldn't help but smile to herself. Lavender was screaming next to her. Hermione just rolled her eyes.

"GRYFFINDOR WINS!" All the Gryffindors went crazy as the Slytherins booed. All the Gryffindors went to their common room and had a party.
"Well done Harry!" Hermione said through the crowd.
"You too R-" Hermione turned around to see Ron kissing Lavender.
"I-I've got to go" Hermione said brushing away her tears, she ran out and sat on the stairs outside the common room. Harry followed.
"Hermione?" He whispered. Harry heard sobs, and saw Hermione sat on the stairs. Harry hugged Hermione tightly, suddenly the portrait of the fat lady opened and out came Ron and Lavender.
"Looks like we aren't the only ones having fun tonight." Lavender said in her annoyingly high pitched voice. She walked off, Ron stood there with a huge smile on his face.
"I kissed a girl Haryy!"
"Thats-Thats great Ron, um look do you thin-" But before Harry could finish his sentence Hermione had got up. Harry saw her walking towards Ron, and before he could do anything Hermione had slapped Ron around the face, hard.
"What was that for?" Ron said, "You know what forget it!" He stormed off to find Lavender.
"Hermione do you really think that was a good idea" Harry said, concern in his voice.
"Fine! Side with Ron, like you always do!"
"No one cares about know it all Hermione, just, just go!" Harry stood up and walked back into the common room, he had no idea what he did wrong.

Hermione, not wanting to be near The Gryffindor common room walked away, she hear Lavender laugh and started running, she had no idea where, but she wanted to get away. Then she remembered what day it was, Thursday, she walked to the room of requirments, and stood outside of it was Draco.
"Hermione? What's wrong?"

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