It is Malfoys and Hermiones sixth year at Hogwarts. Malfoy has been asked to kill Dumbledore by the end of the year. During the year Malfoy realizes his love for Hermione Granger, but can he ever love a mudblood? Hermione feels the same way, but she knows if Harry and Ron find out she will loose her two best friends. Will they find a way to be together? Or will they never talk again..?


17. Meeting up.

Harry, Ron and Hermione went to dinner. Hermione was still upset about what happened between her and Draco, but part of her was excited for tonight. Hermione knew she shouldn’t keep her hopes up and that Draco might not even turn up, but that didn’t stop her. Hermione was also happy that her and Ron were friends again. They all sat down at the Gryffindor table Quickly glancing at the Slytherin table she saw that Draco was staring at her. Realising Hermione had seen him, he quickly looked away. Hermione also looked away, she turned to Harry.
“So have you figured out who the half-blood prince is yet?” She asked as she saw him take out the potions book.
“No, not yet.” Said Harry as he casually flicked through the pages.
“I still think you should take it to Dumbledore, for all we know It could be cursed!” Hermione hissed to Harry.
“Hermione, I’m pretty sure it isn’t cursed. Harry practically sleeps with that book and it hasn’t killed him.” Ron said as he shovelled a whole potato into his mouth. Hermione sighed.
“I just don’t like not knowing who the half-blood prince is.” Hermione explained.
“I doubt he is a bad person. He has helped me with my potions. I quite like him.” Harry said as he finished off his plate and waited for dessert.
“You don’t even know him!” Hermione hissed at Harry. Hermione was going to continue when Ginny walked over, and sat next to Harry. Harry smiled slightly and dug into his dinner.
After dinner, Hermione, Harry, Ron and Ginny all went back to the common room. Since Harry and Ron hadn’t finished their Transfigurations homework they sat back down and continued working. Hermione sat back down and looked out the window, she still had many hours before she was going to meet up with Draco.

Draco was stood in the Slytherin common room, and was speaking to Crabbe and Goyle. Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder.
“You’ve been avoiding me today.” Pansy said as she ran her fingers past Draco’s neck.
“Have I?” Draco replied, sounding bored.
Pansy nodded, took Draco’s hand and lead him to the sofa. Once they had sat down she started running her finger up and down his leg.
“I really hope I haven’t ruined our friendship” Pansy said, coming closer to Draco. Draco shifted away, what on earth was she doing? If she was trying to make him like her she sure had a funny way of showing it.
“I don’t want this friendship to end” Pansy continued.
Draco turned around and saw Crabbe and Goyle leaving.
“Crabbe! Goyle! I didn’t tell you to leave!” Draco snapped. He pushed away from Pansy and checked the time. 11:55pm. He had five minutes to get there. Draco turned around and quickly left.

Hermione checked her watch again. She had five minutes; she packed up her stuff and started to head out of the portrait hole. Then she stopped. What was she doing? Draco was using her. Draco didn’t love her like he said he did. He wouldn’t go. But, maybe it had all been a lie, maybe he will be there. After all, when he told her he loved her it was very convincing. She continued to walk out of the common room. She was just walking down the stairs when she heard a voice.
“Going somewhere are we?”

Draco got to the room of requirements and smiled when he saw Hermione stood there. Smiling he walked up to her.
“So, this is where you two love birds meet.”
Draco’s heart stopped. It wasn’t Hermione who was stood there.


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