Long Lost Twin

My name is Lizzie, my Mum recently died from cancer so I was forced to live with my aunt. That also meant moving schools and making new friends. I did have a Dad but I never knew him. Mum did, they split when I was born. He took my twin and Mum took me.


3. Chapter 3: Lunch Then the Music Room

We walked to lunch in silence, then we met up with the rest of the gang (not an actual gang, don't worry. Hopefully they don't do drugs or whatever gangs do). The silence was then filled in with comments on girls, laughter and jokes. 

We walked to a table and at the end was the girl that confronted Liam. I had to sit next to her and I felt uncomfortable, scared she will whip out her claws and attack me. 

"Are you really Liam's sister?" She asked me and I nodded. "Sorry about earlier. My name is Paula." 

"It's fine. My name is Lizzie." I told her and she nodded. 

"I heard from Kathy and her sidekicks. She is really jealous. I know she liked you, and then she found out that you are related to Liam. That kind of killed her. She really fancies Harry and hates that he will always be nice to you." Paula told me. 

"Are you like a spy or something?" I asked her with a small giggle. Wow. Someone was jealous of me. 

"Nope. I'm just great at finding things out." She said with a wink. That's when I noticed her green eyes. "So when did you find out you and Liam were related? Have you always known? Is that why you're here?" She asked. 

"I found out today. I knew I had a twin but I didn't know much about my twin, except that he is my brother and lives with my Dad. I wish my Mum was still around to see him though." I told her. "I live with my aunt, she just happens to live here and sent me to this school. I don't know if she knew." 

"What happened to your mum?" Paula asked me.

"She died a few months ago from cancer." I mumbled. 

"Oh. I'm sorry." She apologised. I don't get why people apologise when family die. People die all the time, it's no one’s fault. 

"You don't need to apologise." I told her. 

"It must be nice to know your brother now." Paula muttered. 

"Yeah. I still can't believe I have found him. I promised my Mum before she died I would try to find him. I thought it would be a lot harder." I admitted. 

"Aw. I bet she's really happy now." Paula commented. I nodded. 

"Hey, Paula. Told you she was my sister." Liam taunted. Paula shot him a glare and turned back to me and I shrugged. 

I turned to face Liam "You can just drop it now, she didn't know." I told him. 

"Right." Liam replied and turned back to his friends. 

"Oi, Liz. Do you wanna come to our concert tonight?" Harry asked me. 

"Concert?" I asked puzzled. 

"We're in a band called One Direction." Liam whispered in my ear. 

"One Direction? I have heard of them! My friend always talked about them! I prefer Paramore and Imagine Dragons though." I told Liam. 

"Still come along, you get priority seats 'cause you're my sister." Liam said with a wink. 

"Sure. I just have to tell Jenny I won't be home." I told him. 

"We will pick you up at six if that's okay. Then we're going to get something to eat and go to the concert. You might be back late if that's okay." Liam informed me and I replied with a nod. 

"Sounds great." I replied. 

"Don't you have any lunch to eat?" Paula asked me.

"No. I only eat one meal a day. I don't get hungry much any more." I told her. 

"Wow. Is that because of everything that's happened?" She asked and I nodded. "You should try and eat. Here, have this cereal bar." Paula then tossed me a cereal bar from her lunch box. 

"Thanks." I said with a small smile and opened the wrapper. I took a small bite. It tasted nice, I just don't feel hungry at all. 

"I won't let you go at the end of lunch until it's all gone. I'm gonna get you breakfast tomorrow too, if that's another meal you don't eat." Paula threatened. I liked that she cared about me, even though she barely knows me. 

"Okay. I only eat dinner." I told her and she smiled. 

"You are also going to bring lunch. Please try and eat breakfast too in the morning." Paula instructed me. I nodded. 

"I can try." I told her. The bell ran and I finished eating the cereal bar and followed the boys to the music room. Paula had ICT last so I said goodbye to her. We also exchanged phone numbers. 

When we arrived at the music room it was empty. I watched Niall walk to a guitar and pick it up, Louis then did the same. There was one guitar left so I walked over to it and picked that up. I then started to play a song I knew. I taught myself guitar when I was fourteen. I have remembered it ever since. 

"Wow, you play guitar?" Liam asked me and I nodded. "That's so cool!" I then got embarrassed and I was sure my cheeks were the most vivid shade of red, so I put the guitar back and sat in the corner and watched them all muck about. 

I had to admit they are all pretty good at singing. I still wonder why they go to school when they already have a career. Maybe they have to. While I was lost in thought Harry came over to me and sat down. 

"Hey." He greeted me. I turned to face him. 

"Hey." I mumbled back 

"Are you looking forward to tonight?" He asked, obviously trying to make a conversation and break the awkward silence forming between us. 

"Yeah, I guess. I haven't been to a concert before. I don't really like crowds much." I admitted. 

"You won't be in any crowds, promise. You have priority. Plus you get to see our rehearsal too." Harry promised. 

"Sounds fun, I guess. I just won't have anyone to talk to before the concert." I told him. He nodded. 

"Louis, Zayn and Liam's girlfriends will be there with you. You can talk to them. Get Liam's girlfriend's number too, I'm sure that will please him." He said with a wink. I giggled.

"Who is Liam's girlfriend?" I asked. 

"Danielle, she's nice. Don't worry, he broke up from Paula ages ago. Him and Dani have been together for a few months." Harry told me. 

"Oh. Does Paula know about Liam and Danielle?" I asked and Harry shrugged. 

"Don't know. I have a feeling she doesn't want to know if he's going out with someone. I heard what happened between Paula and Liam before lunch so I'm guessing she doesn't know." Harry told me. 

"She went crazy." I told him and he nodded. 

"I think she really loved Liam. I think she still does." Harry murmured. 

"What happened between them?" I asked. 

"She broke up with him, she caught him kissing Kathy. Well, Kathy kissed him when Paula was there and Paula wouldn't let Liam explain." Harry told me. "Kathy fancied Liam once. Now it's me." 

"Ugh. That's really pathetic of Kathy. I thought she was nice." I muttered, completely disgusted with what Kathy did. What a bitch. 

"She isn't. She will hurt anyone to get what she wants." He told me. I looked at him shocked. 

"I would have thought Kathy would use me to get to you." I told him. "She pretty much hates me." 

"Hmm, maybe she has some sort of plan up her sleeve. You don't know what she would do." Harry warned me. Kathy now pretty much scares me. 

"What like?" I asked, desperately wanting to be prepared for what she might have in mind for me. 

"I think she's gonna probably lead her friends onto bullying you and stick up for you then become best friends with you." Harry predicted. 

"Then why was she being such a bitch to me at break? I don't get it." 

"Hmm. I don't know what she has in mind." Harry grumbled. "Just be careful, stay away from her. Don't be her friend, don't be her enemy. Just stay away from her." 

At that moment my phone buzzed in my pocket and I pulled it out. 

Unknown Number: I want you to leave the music room. If you don't you will have a nasty surprise waiting for you. 

Tears formed in my eyes and I blinked them away quickly. 

Me: Who is this? How did you get my number? 

Unknown Number: Doesn't matter. Get out of the music room or else. 

"I gotta leave." I told Harry quickly. I stood up but he grabbed my hand stopping me from going. 

"No, you're staying here." Harry ordered. 

"I have to go." I mumbled.

"Who was you texting." Harry asked me. 

"Jenny." I lied. I hated lying. There was no way he would let me go if I received a threat. 

"What does she want?" Harry pressed, wanting more answers. 

"She wants to talk to me about something important." I lied again and Harry's hand slipped from mine. "Bye." and I left the room quickly, not looking back. I ran to my Mum's Toyota to see all the windows had been smashed. I sank on to the floor and cried. 

"Liz?!" Harry asked, puzzled. I jumped out of my skin and stood up quickly. Wiping my tears from my cheeks at the same time. I turned to face him. "What happened?"

I pulled my phone out and showed him the texts. He got the number off my phone somehow and dialled the number into his phone. 

"Hello?" He asked. "Why did you threaten her! You are the biggest bitch I have ever known. You have ruined your chances of ever going out with me or any of the boys in the band. Bye." and he hung up.  He slipped his phone back into his pocket and passed me back my phone. 

"Who was it?" I'm sure it's Kathy. 

"Kathy. Don't worry; she will pay for the damages of your car. I'll call someone to pick it up and send her the bill for it. I can drive you to school and home if you want." 

"Sure. Thanks a lot." I said and wrapped my arms around him. He was surprisingly warm and was nice to hug. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my hair. 

"I'm sorry about your car." He apologised. 

"It's my Mum's car. She left it to me." I mumbled into his chest. 

"I'm so sorry." He apologised again. 

"It's fine; it's not your fault." 


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