Long Lost Twin

My name is Lizzie, my Mum recently died from cancer so I was forced to live with my aunt. That also meant moving schools and making new friends. I did have a Dad but I never knew him. Mum did, they split when I was born. He took my twin and Mum took me.


27. Chapter 26: Double Date

Louis’ POV –

The past few months Lizzie has been distant. It’s like she’s hiding something from me but I don’t know what. Something at the back of my mind says that she and Harry are together again, but I trust her. She wouldn’t cheat. I just know she wouldn’t. Maybe she’s worried I will cheat when I go on tour.

It’s going to be really hard to stay in contact, but I promised her I would try and call her every night and text her all the time. I’m sure I can see her more when we start touring in England next January.

Lizzie’s POV –

I feel like I’m lying to Louis every day. It kills me inside. I feel terrible. I know I will feel even worse the day I tell him goodbye. It’s for the best. We’ll probably only end up cheating on or losing feelings for each other.

It’s April now. It’s gradually getting warmer. It still rains a lot of course, living in England this is to be expected. I only have four months left with Louis.

I sat quietly in the canteen, everyone else were talking; various conversations going on at once. I felt alone, but strangely I chose to be alone. I haven’t told anyone that I’m going to break up with Louis in four months. I don’t want them to accidentally tell him or tell someone else and he over hears. I don’t want my precious time with him being shortened.

“Are you okay?” Louis asked. I looked at him. I made sure to avoid eye contact. I nodded.

“Yeah just tired,” I lied.

“Nightmares?” He asked and I nodded.

“You can always stay at mine; I’ll keep the nightmares away.” Louis suggested and took my hand. He gave my hand a gentle squeeze.

“Okay. If Jenny doesn’t mind,” I replied. He nodded. He leaned forward and quickly kissed my lips.

“I love you.” He whispered in my ear before pulling away to look into my eyes. I stared into his eyes for a second then looked away quickly.

“I love you too.” I replied. I gave him a smile that I was sure was unconvincing. Louis gave my hand a gentle squeeze. I couldn’t help but feel guilty that I was going to shatter his heart in a few months.


Friday night came quickly; I was curled up in bed with Louis. Jenny didn’t mind we had a sleep over as long as we were safe. She obviously thought we were going to have sex.

Louis’ arm was wrapped around my body, keeping me to him. I glanced up at his face and he looked down at me.

“Are you sure nothing is wrong? It’s just lately you’ve changed. You seem far away even though you’re next to me.” Louis asked me, his lips were pulled down in a small frown.

“I’m sure nothing’s wrong.” I reminded him for the millionth time this week. “I’m just really worried about when you go on tour.” I sighed.

“I’m sure we’ll work it out.” He assured me and gave me a small smile. His blue eyes looked empty, maybe he knew it wouldn’t work out.



Louis’ POV –

I was awake while Lizzie slept peacefully next to me. What happened a few hours before was something I hoped she wouldn’t forget. I feel bad about having sex with her, things won’t work out when she goes off to uni and I go on tour. Things will crash and burn and we will end up hurt. Is that why she seems so distant? Does she feel the same? She must do.

Maybe I should break up with her before I leave. Is that what’s best for us? Maybe we can meet up after she’s finished uni and I’m not on tour. It’s just I love her, I don’t want to lose her.


Lizzie’s POV –

I woke up next to Louis the following morning. Thank God we were safe last night; I don’t want to have to put university on hold because I’m having a baby. Plus I want to live a little; I want to be an adult for a few more years before starting a family.  

I don’t regret last night at all. I’m just glad I gave my virginity to him not some asshole.

I climbed out of his bed and went to the bathroom. I had a quick shower then got dressed. I had no idea what Louis had planned for today. Hopefully last night wasn’t the last night I get to spend with him.



“Are you sure you know where you’re going?” I asked Louis as he drove through town. He looked lost.

“Yeah,” He replied quickly. “Also, Paula and Liam are back together. Liam text me the great news.” I pouted. Why didn’t he tell me? I pulled my phone out to find two text messages, one from Liam and one from Paula. Both saying the exact same thing.

We’re back together.

They did text me. I then replied to both of them.

Me: That’s great ;)

Paula: Thanks for agreeing to have a double date today :D

What? I stared at the screen stunned then turned to look at Louis.

“Louis,” I growled at him. “You agreed to a double date without telling me!”

 “Sorry. You were in the shower!” He protested. I flashed him a smile.

“It’s okay.” I replied and let out a small giggle.

“Good, good.” Louis replied.

Me: Louis agreed for me, I just found out. He was trying to surprise me XD

Paula: Oops, I didn’t know :o but that’s so sweet. I hope you two work it out next year when the boys are away. I don’t know how me and Liam are gonna work it out.

Me: Louis and I are stuck with that too. I just hope nothing bad happens.

Paula: I’m thinking of breaking up with Liam before he leaves then asking him back out when he gets back.

Me: Don’t repeat this, but I’m thinking of breaking up with Louis too. I just don’t think we will get back together though, considering I’m taking a uni course that lasts three years, the last year I’m stuck touring with a band.

Paula: I promise I won’t, I’ll delete the texts if you do. Then both of our bfs won’t find out.

Me: Agree.

I quickly deleted the texts, so did Paula and that’s when the car stopped. I locked my phone and put it back into my pocket. I climbed out of the car and took Louis’ hand. We walked over to where Liam and Paula sat on blankets.

“It’s a bit cold to have a picnic.” I joked. Paula frowned at me.

“It’s not actually that bad for the middle of April.” She told me.

“I suppose. Me and Louis had a picnic once in November.” I told her as I sat on the blanket next to her. Louis sat down next to me and wrapped his arm around me.

“If you get cold, I’ll keep you warm.” Louis promised. He quickly kissed my cheek. I smiled at him. One thing I will miss when he’s gone is his eyes. They’re beautiful. I’ll obviously miss the whole of him as well. I wish it wasn’t this complicated.

“Thanks, Liz.” Liam thanked me. I looked at him confused.

“What?” I asked.

“For telling me to sort it out,” He replied. Oh.

“It’s no problem.” I assured him and gave him a smile. 

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