Long Lost Twin

My name is Lizzie, my Mum recently died from cancer so I was forced to live with my aunt. That also meant moving schools and making new friends. I did have a Dad but I never knew him. Mum did, they split when I was born. He took my twin and Mum took me.


14. Chapter 14: Decisions

I stared at my phone for a good five minutes. Maybe he doesn't remember my name and knows me as Liam's sister. Unless he put my name as Elizabeth, they all know me as Liz or Lizzie. I decided to send Liam a text. 

Me: Do you know what my name is in Louis' phone? Also what do you call me in front of him? 

Liam: Lizzie but we have all been calling you Liz in front of him. 

Me: Thanks. 

I had to send Louis a text. It could help him remember if he is told I'm called Lizzie as well as Liz. 

Me: Hey, Louis. It's me Liz. 

Louis: Oh hi. Your name is Elizabeth in my phone, why? 

Me: Cuz that's my full name. Liz/Lizzie are nicknames. 

Louis: Oh. Right. Why do you have my number? 

Me: All the boys have my number. 

Louis:Right. Gotta go, just looking through messages. It sucks not remembering and no one will help me remember :( 

Thank god we never managed to text while we were going out (even though we kinda are now) but he will get the hint that Harry has been causing me trouble. I wish we could just help him remember, it would be easier. I don't know why we can't. Unless it causes too much stress and doesn't help them remember and gives them false memories. Or doctors just simply like to make things difficult. 

I locked my phone and put it on the side then shut my eyes. I was surprised I actually fell asleep considering I have spent so much time sleeping. Oh well, at least I can lose the weight I put on from the McDonald's earlier. 

*Knock* *Knock* 

My eyes shot open. "Who is it?" 

"Just the boys." Liam called back. Shit, does that mean Harry is here too? Liam opened my bedroom door and they all walked in, Harry wasn't here thankfully. 

"Why aren't you at school?" I mumbled. 

"School finished. It's four." Liam explained. I looked at the clock. He was right. 

"I have slept nearly all day!" I complained. Why didn't Jenny wake me up? What about my pills? "Jenny!" 

Jenny came running upstairs. "What?" 

"The painkillers?" I asked. 

"I gave them to you. You were probably too tired to remember." Jenny told me and chuckled. She turned on her heel and left my room as there was no emergency. 

"How have you been?" Niall asked me. 

"Alright, I guess. Just pissed I have slept all day." I grumbled. 

"At least you don't have to go to school." Zayn told me. 

"Yeah." I muttered. 

"Harry is busy helping people shop." Liam mocked. "That's why we're here. I'm sure Jenny wouldn't be too happy with him being in her home." 

"I think he wouldn't even be allowed to step on the drive." I mumbled. 

"I know what he did was wrong and the fact that our two best friends ended up in hospital, it's just we have to stick with him because of One Direction. He's like the main person in the group, he goes half of our fans go." Niall explained.

"I'm sure they'll stay." I muttered and they all shook their head. 

"Some only care about Harry. Plus that's all the news cares about. You should have seen the Tweets he got sent about sending Louis into hospital. Fans are pissed that he can't remember and some are pissed he stabbed my sister." Liam told me. 

"He's probably lost some fans then." I sighed. "That's what happens when you use violence to solve issues, I guess." 

"I wouldn't say Louis didn't deserve getting one punch considering he took his" I knew what Zayn was about to say. 

"I don't belong to him." I hissed. 

"took the person he loved in front of his eyes." Zayn corrected and flashed me an apologetic smile before continuing. "Louis knew full well that Harry still has feelings for you. Harry did take it too far, especially when he stabbed you. You did nothing wrong and this time he left a visible scar." 

"Harry is in the wrong as well as Louis, more than Louis if you stack up the crimes and how bad they were. Louis only deserved a punch not to be knocked out and lose six months worth of memory." Niall commented. "You on the other hand did not deserve to get caught up in that at all." 

"Why are we discussing this?" I asked. I wanted the subject to change. 

"Oh sorry." They all mumbled. 

"So are you coming with us to the hospital tomorrow?" Zayn asked. 

"Shit. I forgot to ask Jenny." I grabbed my phone and sent Jenny a text, unsociable I know, but it's quicker than running downstairs and asking. I waited for Jenny to reply. It was a yes. "I can go." 

"Brilliant. Please be awake for then." Liam begged. 

"Okay. What time are you gonna pick me up? I don't have a car and I'm not allowed to drive for the rest of the week." 

"Um. Four-ish? Is that okay?" Liam asked and I nodded. 


I had half an hour to get ready. I can't wait to see Louis again even though it killed me inside. I pulled my curly hair back into a ponytail and I was ready to go so I sat downstairs and watched TV until Liam got here. The doorbell rang at half three and I went to get it. 

"You're early." I accused Liam. 

"I know. I managed to leave early. I wanted to check if you were actually up. I see you're ready, wanna leave now? Also do you wanna eat out after?" He asked. 

"Sure." I replied. "Jenny, I'm going now! I won't be back for dinner, we're eating out!" I called out to Jenny. 

"Okay! Have fun!" Jenny called back and I followed Liam outside to his car. We were meeting the boys there and hopefully we should get an hour and a half to talk to Louis, maybe more because his parents go home so have a shower and pack more clothes and sometimes the traffic is bad. 

We were the first to get to the hospital and Louis' parents were happy to see us. 

"I'm sorry Louis doesn't remember you. I hope you can work it out if he doesn't remember. He definitely feels something for you." Louis' mum whispered. I gave her a quick smile and followed Liam into the room. 

Louis' face lit up when he saw us. "You're here again, I thought Liam wasn't going to bring you." Louis told me happily. 

"Yeah. I miss my friend. So how have you been?" I asked him. 

"Alright. I hate it here though. I should be sent home tomorrow though." He told me. "How're you?" 

"I'm good." I replied. I looked at Liam and he gave me an encouraging smile. I gave him a smile back. 

"The others should be here shortly, hopefully. If they don't get stuck in traffic." Liam told Louis, he then turned to me and answered the question sitting on my mind. "Harry's gonna be here, is that okay?" I nodded. 

"What's going on between her and Harry?" Louis asked. 

"Nothing." I said quickly. My heart was thumping in my chest. 

"Do you like him or something?" Louis asked. 

"Hell no." I said quickly but I blushed. Dang. 

"Don't lie to me and make me walk over to you and tickle it out of you." Louis threatened. 

"I'm not lying and I'm not ticklish." I stated. Louis still climbed out of his bed and walked over to me and started tickling me like he threatened. "Fine! Fine! I give in!" I squealed. I looked in Louis' eyes and saw the Louis I knew. 

"I know you from somewhere." He whispered. He was remembering! "Never mind." He murmured quickly and sat on his bed again. 

"We really miss you at school. School is boring now, especially in the music room." Liam moaned. 

"The stroppy teacher left?" He asked and Liam froze. 

"Yeah . . . She left last term." Liam explained. 

"Oh." Louis mumbled. The rest of the gang walked into the room at that moment. 

"Hey!" Louis yelled and jumped out of bed to give them a hug. "I missed you guys!" 

"We missed you too!" Harry spoke for all of them. 

"You don't miss me?" Liam said and pouted. Louis pulled him into the big bear hug.  

"Of course I did!" Louis replied.  

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