Long Lost Twin

My name is Lizzie, my Mum recently died from cancer so I was forced to live with my aunt. That also meant moving schools and making new friends. I did have a Dad but I never knew him. Mum did, they split when I was born. He took my twin and Mum took me.


13. Chapter 13: A Trip to The Hospital

I followed Liam to Louis' room. 

"Hey." Liam said to Louis' parents. "This is my sister." 

"Hi." I said. 

"We'll give you some privacy." Louis' mum said before dragging his dad out of the room. Liam gave me a wink. 

"Hi." Liam said. "This is my twin sister." He explained to Louis.

"Hi, nice to meet you." Louis replied. It killed me to see him look at me like I was a stranger. 

"Hi, how're you feeling?" I asked him. 

"Good. Just I really don't like this feeling of a whole part of my life is missing." Louis sighed. "I'm also sure my girlfriend" ouch "Is lying 'cause I remember that I was thinking about breaking up with her. No one will tell me what happened though." Louis frowned. I looked at Liam and he gave me another wink. 

"Liam here told me we were friends." Louis told me. I nodded. "How did Liam find you?" 

Brilliant. Time to tell him Mum died yet again. This is gonna kill me more. I winced. 

"Are you in pain?" Liam asked and I shook my head. Louis looked at me confused. Looks like he doesn't know his best friend stabbed me. 

"Liam found me, I found Liam, when I moved to this school. Well Harry thought I looked like Liam and asked for my surname." I told him. 

"Why did you move?" Louis asked. 

"Mum died. I live with my aunt." I told him. Louis' face sunk at the new information. 

"Oh." Louis mumbled. It felt strange talking to him. Like he is a completely different person and the person I thought I knew was just a dream and never existed. I felt a pain where I got stabbed, I think breathed out too much. 

"Ow." I winced. 

"Liz?" Liam asked. 

"In pain." I grumbled. The pain subsided. "Fine now." 

"That pain medicine isn't very good." Liam sighed. "Do you want to go home?" 

I shook my head. "I'm fine. Breathed out too much I guess." 

"What happened to you?" Louis asked. 

"Um . . ." I began and looked at Liam. Liam shook his head. I guess we don't want Louis to hate Harry. 

"I got stabbed by a stranger three weeks ago when I was out with my friend." I lied. I even lied about the time when it happened, if it happened two weeks ago then it would seem strange to Louis since that's the same day he got hurt. He doesn't remember it though. He's lucky. I still get haunted by that day in my dreams. 

"Wow. Are you okay though?" He asked and I nodded. 

"I guess so." I mumbled. 

Louis' parents came back and we said bye. 

"Thanks." I said to Liam when we climbed into his car. 

"No problem, now let's go to McDonalds." He replied.

"Awesome." I giggled. Liam drove round to the drive-thru, we both agree that eating in the car is better 'cause you can listen to your own music. After we got our food, we sat in the car and ate while listening to music in his car. 

"You like Imagine Dragons?" I asked Liam when 'Radioactive' started playing. 

"Yup." He replied. 

"Same!" I said and gave him a high five. 

Liam drove me back home after we had finished eating. "Thanks, Liam. You really are a great brother. I owe you." 

"I know how much you like Louis and you deserve to see him instead of being kept in the dark. Plus if his ex-girlfriend is allowed to see him, why can't you." Liam replied. 

"Why wasn't I allowed to see him?" I asked. 

"Maybe Jenny is scared about what it might do to you. Maybe she doesn't want you to stress out too much." Liam guessed and pulled up onto the driveway. 

"Bye, Liam." I said and climbed out of the car. 

"Bye, Liz." He replied and I gave him a quick wave then walked up the drive. When I reached the front door I turned and watched as his car drove away. I opened the front door and walked in. 

"You were a long time, what else did you do?" Jenny asked. No hi, shit I'm in trouble. 

"Listened to music in the car." I lied. Jenny raised her eyebrows at me as she walked out of the kitchen.

"I got a call from Louis' Mum. She got my number to give me any updates on Louis. She called me saying you went to the hospital to meet Louis." 

"Right . . . Liam um, he wanted me to see Louis." I quickly said. I tried to avoid eye contact as best as I could. 

"I told you not to see him." Jenny replied. 

"I'm allowed though 'cause I'm related to Liam." I retorted. 

"But he doesn't remember you! It could confuse him!" Jenny's voice got louder. 

"They had already told him about me. He was happy to meet me." I told her. She sighed. 

"Okay but you have to understand he needs to remember things on his own. You can't go telling him what happened 'cause it won't help." She replied. I nodded. 

"I know. Liam told me that already." I replied. "It was weird seeing him though. It kinda hurt that he looked at me like I was a stranger." 

"Another reason why I didn't want you to see him." Jenny sighed and walked back into the kitchen to continue cooking dinner. I went upstairs and grabbed my phone from my bag. I plugged it into the charger and waited for it to turn on. 

I sent Liam a text as soon as it turned on. 

Me: Jenny caught me. Louis' mum called her. She's cool with it though, she's probably pissed that I lied to her. 

Liam: Great. I'm thinking of taking you again on Wednesday when me and the boys go to see him. Louis' parents give us more time to talk to him then. I'm kinda hoping that seeing your face will help him remember some of it. 

Me: OK. I hope so too. It feels weird that he doesn't remember me. 

Liam: Check with Jenny first. If she doesn't let you I will sneak you out ;) 

Me: Haha. Funny. If you sneak me out I doubt Jenny will ever let you around. 

Liam: True, True. Well I gtg. Homework. Cya l8r. 

I locked my phone and left it on the side to charge. I climbed into bed and curled into a ball. I got woken up when my phone vibrated on the table. I grabbed it and pulled it down. I pressed the lock button and the screen lit up. 

Louis: Who is this? 

Shit. Louis has his phone. Did I reply? 

I then sent a text to Liam - 

Me: Louis just text me. He said 'who is this?'. What do I do?? 

It wasn't too late at night, I just hope he replies. 

Liam: Um. Do you think he has all of your previous texts? 

Me: I'm not sure. Do you know if he deletes them? 

Liam: I have never asked. 

Me: Shit. 

Now the decision sat on my shoulders. I had to decide whether I should text him or not. Should I risk it?  

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