Long Lost Twin

My name is Lizzie, my Mum recently died from cancer so I was forced to live with my aunt. That also meant moving schools and making new friends. I did have a Dad but I never knew him. Mum did, they split when I was born. He took my twin and Mum took me.


1. Chapter 1: Fresh Start

My name is Lizzie, my Mum recently died from cancer so I was forced to live with my aunt. That also meant moving schools and making new friends. I did have a Dad but I never knew him. Mum did, they split when I was born. He took my twin and Mum took me. 

That's basically my life story. It's cool being a twin, when you know them. I don't even know my twin's name; I know my twin was a boy. 

I climbed out of bed and yawned, I had to admit the house here is nicer. Thank god my aunt married someone rich. My room had pale pink walls and cream curtains. There was a pink crystal chandelier type light in the middle of my room. My room held a white bookshelf that held all my books and random bits I collected from holidays with Mum. Next to it was a white wardrobe that had drawers underneath for clothes. Next to the window was a white wooden desk (yes, every piece of furniture in this room is white. My aunt thinks it makes the room look lighter) which held my laptop. I then had a table next to the door which held a mirror, make-up, hair brush and hair stuff. 

I immediately walked to my drawers and pulled out a pair of super skinny jeans, some socks with strawberries on them and a pale blue tank-top. I then grabbed my white cardigan from my chair that sits underneath my desk. I slipped them on then went to the dressing table to fix my hair and make-up. I brushed my curly brown hair and pulled it into a messy bun then applied light make-up. I didn't want to come across to everyone as a slut. I want to make friends, not a reputation. 

I grabbed my bag from my desk and shoved my phone into it and car keys (I'm seventeen, I can drive) and skipped downstairs. 

"Morning, Liz." My aunt called out to me from the kitchen. Her husband, Joe, must have left for work already so it was obviously me coming down the stairs. 

"Morning, Jenny." I called my aunt by her first name; she was a few years older than me (seven to be exact) and was like a sister to me. 

"Good luck with your first day of school. At least it's everyone's first day back. Stay strong." Jenny called out again. I knew she was concerned, I lost a mum, and she lost her sister. There is a big age gap between them; it's really complicated why that is. 

"Thanks. I will, you stay strong too." I replied and left. I locked the door behind me and walked down the drive to Mum's Toyota Prius. It still smelled like her. I miss Mum. 

Mum died a month before the end of term; I spent most of the summer holidays crying. Two weeks ago I promised myself I would stay strong and start fresh. I couldn't make friends crying all the time, can I? 

I switched on the car's engine and pulled on my seat belt. I switched the radio onto my favourite station and began driving to my new school. It was my first day of my second year of sixth form. Year 13. Wow. I remember when I started year 7, feels like yesterday. 

I parked in the school car park and climbed out, grabbing my bag from the passenger seat at the same time. I locked the car and walked to reception. I signed in and he told me to wait for someone to show me around. The receptionist was nice but she looked like she hated teenagers and would happily chop my head off if I caused trouble, or any teenagers head. I also got given a map and my timetable, which told me I had three lessons a day. The years bellow had a total of five lessons a day. 

The student, who was also in my year and tutor group, came to collect me to show me around. She also shared all of my lessons. 

"Hey, you must be Elizabeth. I'm Kathy." She told me with a warm smile. She had bleached blonde hair which needed re-doing as I could see her roots which showed an inch of light brown hair. She had it up in a bun, like me. She also had warm brown eyes. 

"Hi. Call me Lizzie." I said, returning the best smile possible. It was hard to smile now. I'm getting better at smiling without looking like I'm about to cry. 

"Sure. Let's go. We have English first, right?" She checked and I nodded. I then followed her out of reception to the classroom. We had to walk down several corridors and I was sure I would get lost if I was on my own. 

The classroom was small, which was good. I sat at the back next to Kathy. When everyone else walked in, they stared at me. I was obviously new here. They shouldn't be surprised. No one talked to me though, which I was grateful for. Girls need their space.  

Next I had a free period, which Kathy promised to spend showing me around the school. I agreed of course. The school was huge, after being showed round I became more familiar with it and I know within a week I would know my way around. For the rest of our free period we sat in the canteen and started working on our English homework.  

I looked up from my English book and saw a group of five boys walk into the canteen. They were all laughing. They were also extremely good looking. I felt like I was starring in my own version of 'Twilight'. One had brown curly hair, next to him who had dark hair styled in a quiff, next to him had a shaved head, then one had blonde hair that had been spiked up and last but not least the last one had light brown hair and he had the most piercing blue eyes ever. I was tempted to ask who they are. 

Curiosity got the better of me. "Who are they?" I whispered to Kathy. She looked up and followed my gaze. 

"Only the best looking boys in the school. The curly haired one is Harry Styles, then the one next to him is Zayn Malik, next to him is Liam Payne, then Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson." She told me. "Louis, Zayn and Liam have girlfriends. Niall is single and so is Harry but Harry doesn't date girls. He uses them for one night stands then discards them like trash." 

"Oh." I mumbled and looked back at my book. I couldn't help but quickly look up at them to find Harry staring. Crap. I was probably on his list of girls to use. 

"Avoid him at all costs." She warned. I nodded. I closed my book and shoved it into my bag and pulled my phone out. I already had a text from Jenny. 

Jenny: How's your day going? 

Me: Fine. Made one friend already. Her name is Kathy. 

Jenny: Cool. I won't be home when you get back; Joe is taking me out for dinner. There's pizza in the fridge if you want it. If not I left cash on top for food. Have fun. 

Me: Awesome, have fun. Sure :) 

I locked my phone and slipped it into my pocket. I looked up to find Kathy giving me a weird look. I raised my eyebrow. She then pointed to something behind me. I turned to find Harry Styles standing there. 

"Hi?" I said questioningly. 

"Hi." He took my 'hi' as an invitation to sit next to me. "My name is Harry Styles." He told me. I nodded. "And yours?" 

"Lizzie." I mumbled. This was awkward. 

"What's your surname?" He asked. I raised my eyebrows. 

"Payne." I replied. "Why do you wanna know?" 

"Just curious," He said and nodded to his friends. "Be back in a sec." He stood up and walked over to his friends. 

"Let's go." I hissed at Kathy. She nodded and we stood up to leave. 

"Wait!" Someone called behind us but we didn't turn back. 

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