He's Possessive

Everything just went down hill, I never thought that I would find myself being sold to some man. Who would have ever believed that a parent would ever sell there own daughter?


12. Surrounding

Death didn't hold me tightly. It held on to me with such a light grip that I fell right through its weak hold. 
As I fell I was silent, there was no screaming coming from my lips even though I dropped at a speed that would send a person into a state of shock or even give them a heart attack. 
I was distracted from my fall, from a dim light that would only catch the attention of someone who had never seen light before. Somehow I noticed its weak shine, it held my gaze until I suddenly realized that my falling would come to an end. 
I would hit the ground and that would be the real end up me. My body was dead but my soul was following right in its path. 
It wasn't ready to die out, it somehow connected with my body making it jolt into an awakening. 

I woke up in the middle of a field. I wasn't sure how I ended up here but it didn't hold too much of my attention for too long. 
I looked around and saw the flowers everywhere, I was laying in a familiar place. I was a few miles behind the town library, the only place where there would be so much land other than a park. 
I came here many times with Simon to get away from home, life. He must of known that. 
Where was he? Where was Liam? I don't know why but my heart ached at the thought of the man. 
He must have saved me and himself, I must have slept for hours to wake up back in my home town. Where had he gone? 
Tears fell from my cheeks and I sobbed looking down at myself. I looked down seeing the same clothes that I wore before hanging into my body. 
He got me back safely on purpose, he had to have put me here on purpose. 
I forgave him instantly in that moment. I realized only now that he had brought me back here, that he was simply a lonely man seeking comfort. 
I realized that maybe I was a lonely girl too.. 
"Amber!" A voice called for me. I looked over my shoulder to see a girl from school standing a few feet from me. She stayed there hesitantly away from me as if she was worried I had a horrible disease.  "It's okay we are going to get you to a safe place." She said pulled out her cell phone. 

I sat on a hospital bed with my hands folded into each other in my lap.  
"So that is it? You just don't remember? You don't remember a single thing about the man? Where he could have taken off to..?" The officer said from a chair next to the bed. 
"He had me on drugs, everything was just fuzzy. I know that he was a brunette, Caucasian for sure." I said with a nod. I never thought that I would be lying to someone trying to help me through something serious. "I have no clue where he could be. I wondered that myself when I woke up." I finished honestly. 
"Well maybe it come back to you." He suggested. "Don't be surprised if you find yourself questioned again." He said standing up an sighing. "From my understanding Simon and his family are taking you in. Police will be keeping an eye on you to make sure you are safe. For your comfort." He stated before leaving the room. 
How did he expect me to feel comfortable with a protection program following me around? How was I supposed to feel comfortable when I had no idea where Liam was or who he could be after next? 

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