He's Possessive

Everything just went down hill, I never thought that I would find myself being sold to some man. Who would have ever believed that a parent would ever sell there own daughter?


10. Hope

He looked down at me with his soften eyes but suddenly they were wet. I looked at him confused for a moment. "Now you are the one being selfish." He said looking down from my eyes. "I can't go to prison." He said sounding as if he truly was afraid. "I won't. That is no place for me." He explained making me want to cry as well.

"You can't just keep my here that is no fair." I pleaded. "You could at least take me home. Say that you found me. I won't say a word I can promise that as long as you would take me home."

"I don't know why I didn't see this coming. You will never want me, I don't know why I had my hopes up. I always saw you as this sweet girl that seemed to love everyone, who always found a way to be optimistic but I haven't seen that since you have been here with me. "I don't want to be involved in the any more but I can't go to prison."

I looked down feeling a tear run down my cheek, I guess it was now that I truly realized that this would be my home.


When we got back to the house I didn't speak to him. I went into my room and went to the corner picking up a pencil I had found a few days ago under the bed, I didn't care if he agreed to it or not but I found something that gave my something to do. Drawing on the wall. I made my drawings either small of closer to places that it could be hidden because I was afraid that if he saw he would get upset with me and hit me.

I drew until a sound scared me making me look over at the door, only to see that it was still closed. I heard it again a few moments later and realized that it was coming from the sweater I wore the first night that I was brought here. I sat down in front of it then slowly picked it up only to see my fathers phone fall out of the large pocket. What was I doing with this? I picked it up and the first thing I did was check the battery percentage.

It was half full but that would work for me. How had I not felt this before? I remembered his password and unlocked it to see that he had gotten a a message. It was from one of my friends from school, Simon asking where he was, then another saying that he was a horrible person for running away after the death of his daughter.

I sat down in the corner and rushed to call him, my heart warmed when I heard his voice through the phone. "Listen here you asshole, what kind of father-"

"Simon," I whispered making sure Liam wouldn't hear me. "It's me. Please, help me. I have been kidnapped, I am not dead send police on the search. I know that I am in the middle of no where for sure. My taker has said a few times that I am about four hours away from home, two hours away from the nearest city. If it helps any tell the police that it was raining recently I'm guessing either early this morning or late last night. I got to go outside this morning and I was near a clearing, I saw that we were around a few cliffs." I said breathless by the time that I was finished.

"Okay. Okay. I love you nothing is going to happen to you, we will find you." He said through the phone.

"Thank you so much. I love you to." I said hearing someone come towards the room. I quickly hung up the phone then shoved it into my back pocket.

"I brought you something to eat," Liam said holding up a plate of food, it smelt amazing which drew me to sit on the bed.

"Thanks." I said taking it and beginning to eat.

"It's an apology. I know that you don't like it here but I really hope that we can make things work out here." He said honestly looking down at his hands.

Then I heard the sound of marimba playing from my back pocket and my heart stopped. He looked up at me and anger flooded through him. He grabbed my arm forcing me to stand up and drop the plate then ripped to phone from my back pocket and looked down at it seeing the name Simon.

He answered the phone but said nothing putting it on speaker. "Amber? Are you alright you hung up on me and I wasn't sure what happened. Say something to let me know you are alright please." Liams grip on my arm tightened making me cry out in pain. "Amber!" Simon yelled in complete panic. "Listen here who ever is hurting her I swear you are going to be in jail. The police are already after you. We have an idea of where you are."

Liams face went blank and his eyes looked as if he were worried but his voice stood strong. "Her name is Hazel." Was all he said before throwing the phone on the ground and breaking it.

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