He's Possessive

Everything just went down hill, I never thought that I would find myself being sold to some man. Who would have ever believed that a parent would ever sell there own daughter?


16. Heart Attack

Simon found me sitting in the front steps of our school after that period had ended. 

I did think about leaving but my knees had began to wobble and I didn't think that I would end up any place. 

Where was Liam? The question seemed to burn its way through my thoughts as if they were made of paper. 

"Are you okay? What are you doing out here?" He asked. I only looked up at him and involuntarily lifted my arms like a child from him to pick me up. I felt faint. 

To my surprise, he did pick me up, bridal style and I rested my head on his shoulder.  "They know who he is." 

"That's a good thing. We are one step closer to finding him." He said in a soothing tone as he walked towards his car. 

"I'm scared." I admitted to him. He looked down at me confused now a hint of anger showing in his eyes. 

"He won't touch you again. He won't come anywhere close to you and I will make sure of that. There is no need to be afraid, I promise." He said to me as he put me into the passenger seat. 

He had no idea. There was a lot for me to be afraid of. I was afraid that Liam would be sent to jail for the rest of his life. 

I worried that he would become angry with me. Who knew what his friends were capable of, I am sure that they could find me. It could even be possible that if he got out of jail, he could come back for revenge. 

Some part of me knew that was what I was really worried about but I fought that. 

"What are you thinking about?" Simon asked, glancing over at me as he drove out of the parking lot. 

"Could he really be that bad of a guy Simon?" I asked softly. Where had that came from? 

"Of course he is." Simon said gripping onto the wheel a bit tighter than he had done before. 

"He brought me back." I tried to press on to him but he seemed to shake it off. 

"He took you in the first place Amber!" He said seeming a little angry. 

"You know, my real name is Hazel. I would like to start being called that." I said in the same tone that he had given me. "I still have some things at my house." I said referring to when I stayed with my father. "I am going to drop by before going over to your house alright. Don't wait up." I said getting out of the car. 

When I walked into my old driveway I felt bad for getting upset with Simon. I felt afraid that everything was going to repeat itself by me being back here. 

It took a few tries for me to actually put my key into the lock. I don't exactly know why I held onto the key anymore I didn't plan on coming back here. 

The door was unlocked, which surprised me. My father really did just pick up and leave. 

Stepping inside the house smelt terrible, like the trash hasn't been taken out for days. The kitchen was dirty and going upstairs to my room I found myself inhaling the scent of alchohol. 

I pushed open my door and nearly had a heart attack. I guess that he hasn't left. 

"You scared me!" Was all that I was able to breath out, my heart pounding in my ears.

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