He's Possessive

Everything just went down hill, I never thought that I would find myself being sold to some man. Who would have ever believed that a parent would ever sell there own daughter?


8. Almost

Days have past since I had a full conversation with Liam. He didn't try to speak with me and I didn't try to speak to him but it all still burned inside of my head. Would I really be here forever? He would have to get rid of me some day, he would have to get tired of me at some point.

But he probably told everyone that I was dead, if he got tired of me the easier thing for him to do would be to kill me. Then he wouldn't need to explain himself to anyone. It couldn't be that hard for him to do, he kidnapped me without a problem.

No one ever found missing girls. Those things only did happen in movies. Sure, you could argue that girls have been found but it has always been years later or found dead, which doesn't exactly soothe me. I hadn't even realized that I was sobbing until someone shook me.

I snapped out of my daze and looked right into the eyes of another small girl, her brown wavy hair fell past her shoulders and she looked at me full of concerned. I knew who she was. Eleanor, Louis, a friend of Liam's, girlfriend. Liam had invited his friend over for dinner and me and her had been cooking. "Are you alright sweetheart? Do you want for me to get Liam?" She asked me biting her lip lightly.

I quickly pulled from her hold and shook my head. I raised my hand to wipe my tears from my cheeks but I realized that there weren't any. I cried them all out. I was all out of tears. "No." I said almost harshly.

"Oh, Sorry." She asked, meaning that she had even asked. "Are you two in the middle of a fight? I'm sure that things will be worked out." She said chewing on her bottom lip. I quickly shook my head in response.

"They will never be resolved, ever. What he did was wrong and I will never forgive him." I said with no hesitation. What did she even have to expect? Did everyone just not understand that what he did was wrong?

"Did he cheat on you?" She asked. A certain brightness lit up in her eyes that I recognized, it was the same look that you get from a person when you are telling them the latest gossip.

"No." I said frowning lightly. "Don't you know?" I asked her confused now.

"About what?" She asked folding her arms over her chest. She seemed just as confused as I did and I realized that she must not know about the situation, this would be my chance to get help from someone.

"Please, help me. I don't stay here." I said grabbing her shoulders desperately trying to keep my voice low so no one would hear us.

"What? You stay with Liam, Louis told me. You and him have been dating for a long while." She said, I shook my head in response.

"No, I don't. I don't live anywhere near the area. I have no idea where we are right now. I lived with my father and he was at the house one day and he some how got my father to sell me to him. I don't know he probably threatened him or something but I know that my father wouldn't do that. He kidnapped me! We are not a couple. I don't like him. I hate him!" I explaimed making he eyes widen. She looked at me in complete sadness then looked down.

"Oh god." She said. I nodded and bit my lip.

"Please help me." I pleaded with her but a sigh escaped her lips.

"I couldn't do such a thing." She explained to me confusing me. "You are his. I don't how it happened exactly but your father gave him responsibility of you. You no longer belong to your father. You are under Liam's roof. It won't last so long if you don't fight it. He will start to let you go places and sooner or later you won't want to leave." She said looking up at me with her large eyes.

"What are yous saying? Did Louis tell you this?" I asked her in shock.

"No, he didn't tell me to do or say anything. He isn't like that anymore. We are equals now, I surrendered to him and now we are together." She explained to me.

"You mean, he took you. You repaid by being his lover. Thats sick." I said taking a step from her.

"I realized that he helped me. He took me from a bad situation too. Except I knew him, he was my biology partner. My parents were abusive and he figured that out. We had to work on a project and he came over, set the house on fire after an hour of studying and made it look like we had gotten attacked. He made it seem like someone else had burnt the house down then made it look like we had been taken. Of course I was upset at first but I got tired of being unhappy. I started to be thankful and he started to slowly break down his walls." She explained to me. I didn't want to believe it, I felt like it was all just a lesson. A lesson I didn't want to learn.

"What's taking so long?" Liam's voice filled the room making us both look over to see him and Louis standing their, drinks in hand.

"I hate you, more than anything!" I yelled at him walking to him and shoving him as hard as I could, I made him spill his drink on himself. I then turned to Louis. "I hate you too! You are both monsters! I can't see how you live with yourselves!" I said before rushing up the stairs.

His footsteps scared me as they traveled the stairs with me. My heart raced fast. I turned the first left where I saw a door and tried to close the door but he shoved it back open, knocking me onto the floor. Tears filled my eyes as I looked up to see his rage. He grabbed my shoulders making me stand but in the same swift movement he had me up against the wall out of breath, my feet not even touching the ground. "Don't ever touch me." He said through his teeth. "Don't ever disrespect me in front of anyone. If you ever do that again I will-"

"I'm sorry." I said cutting him off. "I won't ever do it again. I won't ever tell you that I hate you anymore. I am done fighting. I surrender." I said looking down at the ground, slowly my feet touched the ground again and my shoulders were let go of but I didn't want to look up.


A/n: Thank you so much for reading I hope that you enjoyed it.

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