One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


22. Zayn Malik One Shot



This was written for because she was feeling down after the Zerrie engagement!!<3

Listen to this while reading:

You walked down the red carpet with Niall, your “boyfriend”. You were really with Zayn but his management wouldn’t let you be together in the public because Little Mix needed attention. So he was “dating” Perrie. You started off as friends but eventually fell for each other. Your relationship was good but sometimes it got too much for you. The cameras flashed again and you turned around to see Zayn walking down the red carpet along with Perrie. You turned back around to Niall but as you turned you saw something in the corner of your eye. You quickly turned back around to see the ring, on her wedding finger. “Since when are they engaged?” You whispered in Niall’s ear. “Management thinks it’s good publicity.” “He could have told me.”

You walked into the house along with Niall and Zayn. “How could you not tell me?” You screamed at Zayn. “It slipped my mind babe.” “It slipped your mind that your “engaged”. How could you do this to me?” “I’m sorry Adriana.” “You should be!” You ran up the stairs and threw yourself on the bed. After two years together he was “engaged” to someone else. When you met Zayn it was like he saved you. Your life was a mess and you were hurting yourself but he saved you, stopped you.

You looked on twitter to see trends worldwide about the engagement, how cute they were together, how happy people were for them and this hurt you even more. You got up from the bed and walked towards the bathroom. Quickly you undressed and grabbed the razor from the cabinet. You stepped into the bath and turned on the shower. You sat down and let the water run over you, thinking about all the good times with Zayn, everything in secret. He always said he would marry you one day and the memory of when he first said this stuck in your mind.

It was Paul’s wedding and at the time you were both “single”. He needed a date for the wedding and took you since you were his “friend” and no one would think it was suspicious. It was in the main room as people danced that he came up behind you and asked for a dance. You accepted and he led you to the floor. Of course Zayn couldn’t dance but you both just swayed to the music. “This is gonna be us one day,” he said in your ear. “What do you mean?” “This is gonna be our wedding one day.” “Are you proposing Malik?” “Not yet, but I will one day.” “I look forward to it,” you giggled.

You could feel the tears stream down your face as you held the razor over your thigh. Suddenly the door opened. “Adriana?” It was Zayn. “Go away.” “Please talk to me.” “I said go away Zayn.” Your hand was held up and the razor taken from it. “What were you doing?” “Nothing,” you mumbled. “You were going to cut weren’t you?” “Maybe, not as if you care. You’ve got Perrie.” “But I don’t love her, I love you.” “Then why is it her with the engagement ring?” Zayn stepped into the bath and sat down beside you. “Management thought it would be good publicity for Little Mix’s second album.” “You could have told me.” “I was going to but we only saw each other for a few minutes yesterday. I’m sorry Adriana.” Zayn ran his hands through your dark hair and rested his head on your shoulder. “You know I wish that was your hand that ring was on,” he mumbled. “Then why isn’t it?” “Because of management.” “Since when did you let management tell you what to do Zayn? Where’s the boy who told them to fuck off and who didn’t turn up for meetings and who didn’t let them walk all over him? Huh? Because that Zayn wouldn’t be doing this PR stunt, that Zayn would have been holding my hand walking down that red carpet tonight.” “You know I can’t just tell them no, they’ll kick me out of the band.” “And the bands more important than me.” “I never said that.” “You might as well have said it. I get that we have to be a secret but Zayn it’s been two years. Nobody knows about us and I want them to. I want to be able to walk down the street with you, holding your hand and I want to be able to say that your my boyfriend.” “I want that too but it can’t happen.” “Then i’m done because I can’t take this anymore.” “Adriana, you can’t leave me.” “Why not? Your “engaged” anyway and I have “boyfriend” so we shouldn’t be together.” “But I want to be with you.” “You don’t, I know you have feelings for her Zayn. I see the way you look at her, we should just finish now.” “No, because I told you that I would marry you one day and that’s exactly what i’m gonna do.” Zayn stood up in the bath and stepped out. “Where are you going?” “To managements office.” “But it’s three thirty in the morning.” “There’ll be someone there in a few hours. We can get some sleep for now and maybe even look at engagement rings online.” “What?” “I’m gonna marry you, not her and I don’t care what they say.” You could swear your green eyes lit up as he said that. “You’re crazy do you know that?” “So are you but we’re crazy together. Get out of the bath.” You turned off the water and stepped out. Zayn wrapped a towel around you and you walked into the bedroom.

"I can’t believe we’re doing this," you said as you walked into the office with Zayn. "Well we are." You both stepped in, hand in hand. "Zayn, I wasn’t expecting to see you." "I’m not going along with this fake relationship anymore. I want to marry Adriana not Perrie." "You agreed Zayn." "And now i’m disagreeing." "You can’t be exposed Zayn, Little Mix need this publicity." "Why? Are they not good enough by themselves without living off of my fame?" "They are but it’s good publicity Zayn." "I don’t care, I want people to know i’m with Adriana and that I love her." "It’s her or the band Zayn." "Then I choose her," he said and turned to walk out. "Zayn you can’t choose me over the band." "I just did." "Go back there Zayn and tell them you’ll stay, i’ll be ok. We can stay a secret, it’s the way it’s meant to be." "No, i’m not letting them walk all over me. If they want me they’ll come running back." Soon enough there was someone calling Zayn’s name behind you both. Zayn turned around and saw their manager. "You can be with her, just stay." "As long as there’s no more PR stunts like that again." "There won’t be." "Looks like i’m staying then." You both walked out of the office hand in hand and Zayn took you shopping, for an engagement ring.

It was never released that Zayn and Perrie were never actually dating and the same with you and Niall. A story just broke that you and Zayn had been having an affair and that was it. You were happy together, you were going to be a Malik and finally you had Zayn just to yourself.

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