One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


39. Niall Horan Drabble

This is based on this song by Eminem. Listen to it before you read or you won’t understand this at all. I hope you enjoy it :)


It was all he said, you would be nothing without him. At first you didn’t believe it but soon you agreed with him, you believed every word he said. Every time you fought you would cry, scream at him not to leave, you would drop to your knees and scream “Baby, please don’t leave.” You would grab the keys out of his hands and squeeze but he would laugh in your face, every time. He wasn’t going to leave, he was just fucking with you. It always made you think that he hated you, that you made him sick and it made you question why he dated you. You were about to jump off the edge every time, you loved him but hated him at the same time. Every time he almost left though, you thought to yourself, you’re not going to break me, you’re just going to make me stronger than before. You were fine before you met him and you would be fine if he left but you still wanted him to stay. But you would still be humble when you screamed “Fuck you!” cause you were stronger than you were before. He was beautiful, no doubt about it, everyone knew. But that’s all he had, because inside he was ugly, he was mad but he was all that you loved. You would grasp at him when he tried to leave because he couldn’t leave. You wanted him to stay, to hold you close like he used too. But he left, he took everything that you had and left nothing for you. And you often dreamed about him, dreamed that he had never left. Those were the dreams that you never wanted to wake up from because you were still together in your head and he was still in love with you but you always woke up and discovered that your dream was dead. You had almost died when he walked out. He almost caused a homicide cause you were so traumatised. You thought you were in for a long bus ride, never getting off but you were wrong. You would have rather died than not have him by your side and you had lost count how many times you had vomited and cried. You would go to your room and turn the radio on, hide for days because he was never coming back. It felt like your relationship was a lie, that’s what you thought, him and you. But why did you think it was ride or die? Because if he could have he would have took your life, it was like he had put a knife through your chest and pushed it right through to the other side and stuck a spike in too. You should have put up more of a fight but at the time you couldn’t because no one could hurt you like he could have. Take him back now? What was the likelihood of that? But for the first time this morning you finally stood up and held your chin up and showed a sign of life in you for the first time since he left and left you with shattered dreams. And the life you could have had, and you could have been but you broke out of that slump you were in, pulled yourself up out of the dumps once again. You got up once and for all. It was Novemeber 31st that day, would have been your anniversary, two years but he left on the first of May. You had it written on a calendar and were going to call him but you couldn’t think of the words to say. But you thank him because he made you a better person than you were and you hate him because he drained you, you gave him everything and he gave you nothing. But if he blames you, he’s crazy. After all is said and done, you’re still angry, you had every right to be but because of Niall Horan you might never trust someone again.

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