One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


10. Luke Hemmings One Shot


I know it isn’t the greatest, I wrote it late last night. Hopefully you will all enjoy it but follow me for more 5SOS and 1D one shots!!:)

“Luke give me back my phone!” You shouted running after Luke around the arena. He was your boyfriend and was currently on tour with One Direction. You were happy that he was living the dream and all but when you weren’t with him you did miss him, so when his mum called you claiming that he was miserable without you, you automatically agreed to go visit him. “Only if you can catch me!” He shouted back. “Fine, i’ll just go talk to Calum, he’ll make me feel better!” This stopped Luke from running, you had a bit of history with Calum and you knew he would get so jealous. You ran up to him quickly and snatched your phone from his hand. “Gotcha,” you whispered inches from his face. “You better not go to Calum.” “Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.” “You won’t.” He pulled you against him and wrapped his arms around your waist. “You’re mine and no one else’s.” He crashed his lips to yours and it soon turned into a heated make out session with you pressed against the wall and your legs wrapped around his waist. He pulled away for a few seconds. “How bout we take this to the dressing room?” He asked. “You better not,” came that oh so familiar voice. “Mum, you always ruin everything,” he whined. “I brought y/n out here didn’t I?” “Yes but we want time to ourselves.” “Just stop Luke,” you whispered. “No y/n I won’t.” “Please, we can continue later,” you whispered in his ear so only he would hear. “Sorry mum,” he said. “Apology accepted.” She started to walk away, back down the hallway but before she disappeared around the corner she shouted, “I heard what you told him y/n. Don’t forget to use protection!” “Oh my god! Luke! I’m so embarrassed!” “What’s there to be embarrassed about?” “Your mum knows we’re going to have sex!” “And? She knows we’ve done it before.” “But she caught us. I won’t be able to look her in the eye again.” “Relax y/n. Michael’s mum walked in on him getting a blow job once, it’s not that bad.” “Oh my god! Luke! You’ll have to keep it in your pants, there’s no way i’m sleeping with you when your mums around.” “But isn’t that why you came here?” “I came to be with you Luke and no matter how much I want to, I just don’t want to risk getting caught.” “We can lock the hotel room door and say we’re having a date.” “A date in a hotel room?” “Yes, actually I think I might just do that. Gotta run babe, I have a date to plan.” He kissed you on the cheek and went running down the hall.

That night after the show Luke guided you to the hotel room. When you got inside the only light in the room was from a few candles, there was a picnic blanket on the floor and lots of food. “You were actually being serious about the date?” “Yes, now we actually have a reason to ask to be alone.” “This is so sweet, thank you Luke.” You both sat down and ate. It was perfect and afterwards you finally got to continue where you left off earlier that day.

The next morning you got on the tour bus hand in hand with the biggest smile on your face. “Luke got laid!” Michael shouted as soon as you both walked on. “Shut up Michael. Besides, we only had a date.” “You just make everyone believe that. The hotel walls are pretty thin you know and i’m a great eavesdropper.” “Just shut up,” you blushed hiding your face in Luke’s arm. “I’m only playing with ya,” he replied. You spent the day on the bus with all the boys, just talking and it was great, you got to spend some time with your boyfriend and his best friends. You felt a tap on your shoulder and turned to see Luke’s mum, Liz. “Can we talk?” She asked you. “Sure.” You got up and followed Liz to a different part of the bus. “Y/n, can you do me a favor?” “Sure, what is it?” “Promise not to hurt him. His last girlfriend broke his heart and I don’t want to see him like that again, if it wasn’t for the boys he never would have gotten through it. A mother never likes to see her son heartbroken, especially when he’s her baby.” “I won’t hurt him Liz because I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon.” “Thank you y/n.” You walked back and sat down beside Luke. “What was that about?” He asked. “Nothing. You know I love you right?” “Of course I do. I love you too y/n.” Luke quickly pecked your lips and smiled at you before continuing his conversation with the boys.

This was his life, your life, together and you didn’t plan on it changing anytime soon.

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