One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


42. Luke Hemmings Drabble


It hurt you to see his eyes like this, a dull blue, almost grey but it hurt you even more to see it twice. He stood in front of you with your daughter clinging onto him. She had that same look in her eyes, they were identical to his anyway but now it pained you. He held onto her tightly, not wanting to let go and she held onto him just as tight. She was crying, she didn’t want her daddy to go. It was silent besides the odd sniffle from the little girl but then Luke kissed her forehead and whispered “Don’t cry baby. If you cry you will make daddy cry.” The three year old let out a small giggle and clung onto her daddy tighter. “Stop being silly daddy you’re a big boy and big boys don’t cry.” She said. Luke laughed at her innocence, he would miss it. Her constant questions and her belief in everything she was told. That was when Calum approached. He knew it was always hard for you to say goodbye to Luke so he took the little girl over to the other two boys so she could say goodbye to her “uncles”. Luke instantly pressed his lips to yours, savouring the moment. Saying goodbye always had been the hardest part of your relationship. When he pulled away he held you close. No words needed to be spoken, you both knew how the other felt. Finally Luke whispered into your hair. “I promise when I get back we’ll get married. I promise babe, we’re finally going to do this.” You smiled slightly at this, you had been engaged for almost two years and you wanted to get married since he gave you the ring but he was always travelling. “I’m gonna miss you so much.” You said quietly. Luke nodded and sighed before hugging you tighter. He hated saying goodbye to you. Calum walked back towards you both with the little girl in his arms. Luke whispered in your ear. “Don’t forget about the oreo easter egg that I left in our room for her.” You nodded, knowing that she would love it. They appeared in front of you and Luke pulled away from your embrace. Calum handed you back your daughter and you held her close. Luke kissed you one last time before they walked to their boarding gate. The little girl held onto you tightly, tears rolling down her cheeks as her daddy walked away. Just as he was about to walk through the door to board the plane he heard her little voice shout. “Daddy!” He turned around and looked at his daughter one last time, tears covering her cheeks. “I love  you.” She shouted. Luke smiled and blew a kiss to her, she grabbed onto it, thinking she could and held her hand close. Just as Luke stepped onto the plane a single tear rolled down his cheek. He would miss you both, he would miss you both so much.

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